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Bigger! & Longer! & Fun!

Resident Evil 6 is the latest title in the long running video game series from Capcom that has spawn over a dozen games across over 15 year

Resident Evil or in Japan known as Bio Hazard originally debuted on Sony PlayStation in 1996

Positive +

4 campaigns to play from the prospective of up to 7 characters with various location tailor made for that character(s)

with Leon Kennedy who debuted in RE2 returning who helped reboot the series thanks to RE4

along with the original male protagonist Chris Redfield with his follow up from RE5

Mercenaries Mode a time trial arcade zombie horde mode that is unlocked right off the bat is a nice break from the campaign

Slight new tweaks to the controls to allow for trick shots and melee take downs animations for satisfying gameplay

Negative -

Your being tailed by an A.I. partner or a another player via online which can take away from the solitude atmosphere and can sometimes get in the way during combat

Zombies that you kill will fade away disappearing i.e. no corpse effect

Reports there is some disc locked content primarily for online modes to be released as DLC

Closing Argument

Resident Evil has never been meant to be taken seriously but is a cheesy B Movie that is entertaining!

at the end of the day it's a great 3rd person zombie shooter nothing more nothing less

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