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Resident evil 6 succeeds on athmosphere,,sounds,,music and gore,,but fails on being scary and.challanging

its pretty lame as a re-evil game and worse tha nre5,,but it doesnt mean that i didnt enjoy it,,while re6 has many garbage moments,,i can puke of,,cuz its terrible bad,,other aspect are really good,,re5 had both aspect,,weak and good stuff,, its awful,,and terible,,but it is also fun and nice to play,,and also the longer chapters maeks it fun;) ,,like here is re6 to u,,which is insanly bad at the same time pretty good,,both at the same time;),,aiming your pistol i nre6 doesnt always feels right ,,there are some bugs,,and the whole re6 game ca nat times feel clumsy put-togheter


either if u know a *** or a married to one,,

does the story maek sence?

u will notice how dull the gameplay is at first glance,,almost boring,,but after awhile it gets a little exciting actually,,interesting persons,,and civlians telling great stories fro mgreat perpsectives,,the overall story is pretty bad,,but parts of the stories can be,,thrillng,,chilling and actually somewaht exciting,,also the quick time events can be fu nand excting,,but way too many;p,,and way too many big bosses,,dont see the reasons for this;p,,probably the new virus of this new blue resident evi lgame;p,,slighlty repative gameplay,,mostly cuz of quic ktime events;p,,i got used to the quick time events since resident evil 4,,at first i didnt like them at all,,after awhile i got used to them cuz the story and so on and so on,,was exciting;p;))

challanges i nthe game u will find is that the game is pretty huge,,and many enemies thrown at u almost instantly,,u can almost imidediatly just run away fro mthe zombies,,not bothering killing them,,at all,,i can just run through a whole level not being bothered about the zombies at all other time u are forced to kill then to go further or activate another cutscene;p

zombies are still not zombies,,they must be the easiest zombies yet,,u decide,,the dogs are back grizzlies than ever;p and they ate more fearsoem than ever;p,,actually they are more scary than the zombies themselves;p

naked zombies are back,,haha lol,,

camera can be tricky often but not all the time but u will get the hgang of it;),

waht speaks to,,:

leon; hunnigan..

chris ; the helikopters ;p

son of devil wesker : no-one;p

ada : no-one;p

parts of the puzzles wehre actually very good and exciting but not specially challanging;p,,for instance chace a dog,,who has a key,,brilliant and smart,,many graves and naked zombies and cannibalism,,awful game really;p,,but exciting,,blood spilling,,exploding action gore,,muhaha,ok;p

weapons selection,,is good,,often the chats between leon and his partner is actually more scary than,the game itself,,lol;p

cannibalism at a high level this game,,lolol;p

much to unlokck,,value tilt;D;p;),,many things to do and extras;),,

re_mercaniries are stil lback,,somewaht waste of my precious time;p

cutscenes are nice and interesting;p,,so are many of the pplz u meat but far from everyone thats for sure;p,,

bigger is better ;lol?,,the bigger the better,,many thigns thrown at ya,,cars,,trucks,,explosions,,just about everything explodes on ur screen at the same time,,therefore it is surprisingly easy,,cuz of that;p,,

endline i did say it didnt found this game scary,,well the overall truth is that but parts of all the smorgadge of things thrown at u and quiet moments,,can be scary,,but not overall,,specially the creepy music does than and naked zombies give me the chills,,anyway have anice day;),,and see ya,,amigo;p;)

Dr,Pepper and dr,,cola hhhahalol;9;)),,haha,,ok,,

anyway cheers me outie,,t otake my blue medicine for the matrix world of resident evil world;p

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