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    Resident Evil - Code: Veronica

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released May 26, 2000

    Resident Evil: Code: Veronica is a survival horror video game initially developed and published by Capcom for the SEGA Dreamcast. It was later released for Sony PlayStation 2 and GameCube with improved graphics.

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    Resident Evil: Code: Veronica is the fourth mainline Resident Evil game, leading directly after the events of Resident Evil 2 as protagonist Claire Redfield continues her search for her brother, Chris Redfield. She is inadvertently captured by Umbrella, however, although a conveniently timed attack unto the base she is held allows her a chance to make her escape.

    Code: Veronica X, which was released only a year later on PlayStation 2, is an upgraded port from the original Dreamcast release. It plays the exact same, though it features a couple of added cutscenes--both involving the series sinister villain Albert Wesker--and minor graphical updates, including Steve Burnside receiving a redone hairstyle.

    Code: Veronica X is thusly viewed as the 'true' rendition of the game and is the version that was ported over to the GameCube, and which underwent the HD treatment with the Resident Evil Revival Collection alongside Resident Evil 4.


    Overview & Controls

    Code: Veronica is notable for featuring 3D environments as opposed to pre-rendered
    Code: Veronica is notable for featuring 3D environments as opposed to pre-rendered

    Much like previous main Resident Evil entries, Code: Veronica mixes in third-person combat, exploration and puzzle solving. Code: Veronica only has the one storyline, like Resident Evil 3: Nemesis before it.

    The combat continues to confine the player to the ground when firing their weapon, and the notorious tank controls are still in effect. Players must also once again move via a series of pre-determined camera angles, though auto-aim is turned on by default, allowing players a means to note if there are enemies outside of their vision. Simultaneously pressing down and the 'run' button will have the player character perform an immediate 180 degree turn.

    Code: Veronica marks the first time that the series enters into full 3D, with the environments now being made up of polygons as opposed to the pre-rendered backgrounds of old. Veronica is also much lengthier than previous games on average, to perhaps account for its single storyline.

    Despite being the fourth game in the series and released after Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Veronica ended up making a few steps back in terms of available mechanics and features. Nearly all of the updates brought about from Resident Evil 3 aren't apart of the game--because they were both developed at the same time causing a dissonance between the two--such as players being able to create their own ammo, live-selection choices, and the dodge maneuver. Though destructible barrels still persist and can be shot to deal a great degree of damage to any nearby enemies - including the player too if they're within range of the explosion.

    There are a couple of dual-wielding firearms available to wield in the game
    There are a couple of dual-wielding firearms available to wield in the game

    Though what's especially notable is the fact that walking up/down staircases is once again automated and can't be performed manually. Zombies, however, can freely walk up/down staircases at will, which will also result in the player having to wait for it to make its ascent/descent before they can then use the staircase themselves.

    Gore has been slightly toned down. Zombies heads no longer have the capability to explode like in previous Resident Evils, nor can their limbs fall off. When shot with a magnum, or a close-range shotgun blast to the head, the zombie's head would gush out blood but still stay intact.

    Playable Characters

    While only featuring the one selectable story, Veronica still includes two main playable characters. For the first half of the game players take up the role of Claire Redfield, then by the second will play as her brother, Chris Redfield. Both Redfields control the exact same and there are no mechanical or statistical differences between the two.

    During a short period of Chris's portion, players will temporarily return to the role of Claire. Supporting character Steve Burnside will also be controlled for an extremely brief time while he tests out his new dual submachine guns, though he too plays identical to Claire & Chris.


    No Caption Provided

    All characters across the game carry the same inventory space of eight slots (to which can be eventually increased to ten), along with a ninth/eleventh slot that can equip a unique item. This can either be a lighter, to which is what Claire finds first, or a lockpick that she can attain later on in exchange for the lighter. If Claire receives the lockpick, Chris Redfield will then be able to receive the lighter for his part of the game. If she does not then Chris will gain the lockpick. Steve Birkin's unique item is a photograph of he and his parents.

    The lighter can be equipped like a weapon, though while it has no means of attack it can help illuminate the area, as well as ward away any bats. It also gives Chris access to the dual submachine guns. The lockpick can be used to unlock a number of drawers and lockers for additional supplies.

    All items and weapons can be examined by the player, allowing them to get a closer look and turn the object around. This can sometimes change the properties of certain key items, such as unlocking/opening a key item to reveal another inside, or may at least change the title to reflect the item's true identity.

    There are certain weapons that will take up two inventory slots as opposed to one like everything else. These are:

    • Calico Model 100 Dual Pistols
    • Dual Ingram Machine Pistols
    • Dual Golden Lugers
    • AK-47 Assault Rifle
    • M37 Sniper Rifle

    Besides the character's inventory, there also exist a number of item boxes where players can store unwanted items. Item boxes are often located within save rooms (though not always) and items will persist throughout all item boxes across the game. Items stored in the box can be collected by each of the two characters; meaning that anything left in the item box as Claire can then be collected as Chris. However to take advantage of this feature players must plan before hand as there is no actual forewarning of when players are about to switch characters.

    Health & Herbs/First Aid Sprays

    A character's health can be seen via the inventory menu, with an Electrocardiograph Machine showing a character's status. The different statuses are:

    • Fine (Green) - The character is in good health.
    • Caution (Yellow) - The character is roughly at half health.
    • Danger (Red) - The character is approaching death.
    • Poison (Purple) - The character is poisoned and their health will slowly deplete.

    Besides the EKG, players may also note the character's stance. If a character is in the Caution zone, they'll hold their chest, but move at the same speed as if they were perfectly fine. On the other hand if they're in the Danger zone they'll hold their chest and limp, moving incredibly slower than before.

    Carrying the tradition set by the original Resident Evil, characters use a small variety of herbs to heal themselves and cure poisons. First Aid Sprays are also available, though they only have the singular purpose of healing the character fully. There exist three herb types, all of which can be combined in some way for different degrees of healing:

    • Green Herb - On its own will restore 25% of health.
    • Blue Herb - On its own will cure poison, though will not restore any health.
    • Red Herb - On its own does nothing.
    • Green + Green Herb - Mixed will heal the character by roughly 50% of health.
    • Green + Green + Green Herb - Mixed will heal the character completely, though not of any poisons.
    • Green + Blue Herb - Mixed will heal the character 25% of health and cure any poison.
    • Green + Green + Blue Herb - Mixed will heal the character 50% of health and cure any poison.
    • Green + Red Herb - Mixed will heal the character completely, though not of any poisons.
    • Green + Red + Blue Herb - Mixed will heal the character completely including poisons.
    • Red + Blue Herb - Mixed will do nothing.


    As with Resident Evil games pre-Resident Evil 4, Code: Veronica requires that players find one of the many typewriters located throughout the environments to save, and must also have at least one ink ribbon item in their character's inventory.

    Should the player die, the game will allow them to immediately reload their latest save from the ''Death'' screen, rather than having to head back to the main menu.


    Main Characters

    Claire Redfield

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    The initial leading protagonist, Claire is roped into another zombie infested crisis after she attempts to learn more about her brother Chris Redfield's whereabouts. She is playable throughout the first half of the game where she is relegated to the role of an NPC for most of the second half.

    Upon surviving the destruction of Raccoon City, Claire has grown in confidence when it comes to B.O.W. threats.

    Chris Redfield

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    The main protagonist during the second half of the game and Claire Redfield's brother. Chris was forwarded a message by Leon S. Kennedy about Claire's predicament on Rockfort Island and travels over to try and save her.

    By this time, only months since the destruction of Raccoon City, the S.T.A.R.S team has been disbanded. Yet despite this Chris still chose to wear a S.T.A.R.S. uniform during this excursion.

    Steve Burnside

    Steve with his revised Veronica X haircut
    Steve with his revised Veronica X haircut

    A supporting character and love-interest towards Claire Redfield. Steve is a brash, insecure teenager, and fellow prisoner on Rockfort Island. A complete show-off, Steve is always attempting to win Claire Redfield's affection with bouts of bravery, putting himself at huge risk of danger at every turn.

    Alfred Ashford

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    The first antagonist the player encounters, Alfred Ashford is in charge of the Rockfort Island base. He is an eccentric yuppie, with an ''above average'' IQ and has a fondness for using sniper rifles. He and his twin-sister Alexia's fondness for pulling the wings off of dragonflies as children makes for an early indicator to support their cold and cruel nature.

    Alfred also noticeably has a rather peculiar laugh that almost resembles a little girls.

    Alexia Ashford

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    The primary antagonist and twin sister to Alfred. A certified genius, Alexia was given the duties of leading an entire team of scientists within Umbrella by the age of ten. This infamous capacity of skill garnished her a rivalry with fellow Umbrella Scientist William Birkin.

    Like her twin-brother, Alexia is shown to be something of megalomaniac, perhaps even more so than Alfred.

    Albert Wesker

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    Despite apparently 'dying' at the hands of his own creation--The T-002 Tyrant--during Resident Evil, Wesker returns into the fold empowered with enhanced agility and strength. His characteristic arrogance is in full effect, if it hasn't grown all the more due to his new abilities.

    The events of the original Resident Evil has resulted in Wesker gaining a seething hatred towards Chris Redfield in particular for thwarting his plans.

    • Voiced by Richard Waugh.
    • This marked the first time Richard voiced Wesker.



    The game takes place three months after the events of RE2 and RE3. It begins with Claire Redfield raiding an Umbrella Base in Paris, after leaving Leon and Sherry to search for her brother, Chris Redfield. Claire gets caught during her raid, and she is captured and taken to Rockfort island where she meets with an inmate named Steve Burnside and they fight for their survival against the island's T-virus infected zombies. In the meantime, Albert Wesker is on a mission to recover the T-Veronica-Virus and it's his unit's fault that Rockport is now infected. Claire and Steve escape in a plane but it was set on autopilot to go to an Umbrella facility in the Antarctic, by the islands commander, Alfred Ashford. Alfred did that so he could awaken his sister from a cryogenic sleep that she was in for 15 years after she had an injection of T-Veronica-Virus. Claire and Steve defeat Alfred and escape in a digger, while Alfred limps over to his sister and experiences her awakening before dying. Alexia summons giant tentacles and grabs Steve and Claire's digger recapturing them both.


    The game then flips over to Chris Redfield's perspective. After learning from Leon that his sister has been taken to Rockport he goes there and learns she has been long gone. He has an encounter with Albert Wesker and almost dies, but is saved as Alexia appears on the screen and stuns Wesker because he thought she had been dead for years. Wesker takes off to Antarctica and Chris follows. He is reunited with Claire and the two of them set out to find Steve. When they find Steve she realizes that Alexia has been experimenting on him with the T-Veronica-Virus and he has mutated into a giant reptilian monster and he tries to kill Claire. Claire runs into a prison cell but is grabbed by Alexia's tentacles, but Steve breaks through the bars and saves Claire but injures himself fatally. He reverts to human form and tells Claire that he loves her before dying.

    Meanwhile, Wesker and Chris fight Alexia, but Wesker was overwhelmed by her strength and he takes off. Chris manages to defeat her, but she comes back to life after Chris activates the self destruct system, releasing all the locks in the facility freeing Claire. Chris then destroys Alexia for the final time and him and Claire run to the emergency elevator where they see Wesker and his men taking Steve's body for further experiments. Claire runs to the plane, and Chris and Wesker have another showdown until they are separated by an explosion. Wesker vows to get his revenge next time they meet and then they both run to avoid dying in more explosions. The game ends with Claire and Chris escaping and Chris vowing to take down Umbrella once and for all.


    Combat Knife

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    A standard survival knife that Claire finds in prison office where the game begins. Unlike previous Resident Evil entries, the knife can prove to be surprisingly effective (particularly when used to strike at the legs or head of a zombie) and is much more powerful. It's still not a suitable replacement for any of the firearms, though it doesn't constitute a death-wish should the player decide to test it out.

    Beretta M93 Handgun

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    A 9mm handgun that Claire finds near the beginning, after she first meets Steve Burnside. It fires rather rapidly for a pistol and is reliable against most lesser enemies - zombies and Cerberus dogs in particular. It can potentially be upgraded to allow a triple burst shot, should the player find the components required. Chris can also use this handgun should the player leave it in an inventory box as Claire for Chris to collect.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 15 rounds.
    • Ammunition - 9mm Parabellum Rounds.

    Glock Model 17 Handgun

    No Caption Provided

    A 9mm handgun that Chris Redfield brings with him when he embarks on the rescue for his sister Claire Redfield. It primarily features all of the same attributes as Claire's Beretta and can be modified also, though instead of giving a three shot burst it increases the overall power.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 15 rounds.
    • Ammunition - 9mm Parabellum Rounds.

    Colt Python

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    A recurring weapon within the series, the Colt Python Magnum Pistol can be attained once more in Code: Veronica. Found during Chris Redfield's segment of the story, it is immensely powerful, can kill all standard enemies with one shot, and is a solid contender against boss B.O.W's. Ammo is fairly scarce though, to make up for its well retained status as one of the most powerful firearms in the game.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 6 rounds.
    • Ammunition - .357 Caliber Rounds.

    Bow Gun

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    Much like her time during Resident Evil 2, Claire will have access to a bow gun. It's made to be significantly weaker than its RE2 counterpart, however, and relies solely via bug-bite attacks with its usually large containment of ammo. It can hold as many arrows at once as Claire can find, and can also stock explosive bolts if the player combines a bolt pack with explosive gun-powder.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - Infinite.
    • Ammunition - Bolts & Explosive Bolts.

    Calico Model 100 Dual Pistols

    No Caption Provided

    Dual weapons were a first for the series, introduced early on via the Calico Model 100 Dual Pistols. They were reliable against most enemies because of their power and imbued ability to aim at two simultaneous enemies. Their ammo count was ranked as a percentage and no other ammo could be found, giving them a very limited use. Because they're still technically two firearms, they take up two slots in the inventory.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 100 bullets, marked by % with each shot taking off 1%.
    • Ammunition - N/A.

    Dual Ingram Machine Pistols

    No Caption Provided

    Initially introduced during the short segment where the player controls Steve Burnside, they are primarily used throughout Chris Redfield's side of the story. They are only made available, however, should Claire give Rodrigo Juan Raval her lighter before hand. Much like the Calico Pistols, they label their ammunition via percentage and no ammo can be found once they've run out. The Ingram Pistols fire-rate is significantly faster than the Calico Pistols, and can also allow the player to aim at two different enemies simultaneously. Because they're still technically two firearms, they take up two slots in the inventory.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 100 bullets, marked by % with each shot taking off 1%.
    • Ammunition - N/A.

    Dual Golden Lugers

    No Caption Provided

    Though they are seen frequently during the main story--as a puzzle item and Steve's weapons of choice before receiving the dual machine pistols--they are only used as a weapon in the Battle Game minigame when playing as Steve Burnside. They are similar to the Calico Pistols, though are much slower to fire. Like close to all firearms in the Battle Game they have infinite ammo.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - N/A.
    • Ammunition - N/A.

    M79 Grenade Launcher

    No Caption Provided

    Also returning from Claire's repertoire in Resident Evil 2 is the Grenade Launcher; an all-round reliable weapon, suitable for virtually any encounters - including boss battles. It features multiple grenade types, including the default grenades as well as flame, acid and gas. It can store as much ammo as possible so long as it's all the same type of grenade. Should the player switch them out for a different type of grenade, the grenades initially in the weapon will stack nicely in the characters inventory only taking up a single slot no matter how much ammo it stacks.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - Infinite.
    • Ammunition - Multiple variety of grenades.

    Spas 12 Gauge Shotgun

    No Caption Provided

    First found by Chris, the Spas fills in the mandatory Shotgun slot for Code: Veronica. It carries a lot of the expected attributes, though is surprisingly weaker than most shotguns of the series and isn't as easy to fall back on for boss battles. It is nonetheless suitable against zombies at close-range and some of the larger B.O.W's such as Hunters.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 7 shots.
    • Ammunition - 12 Gauge Rounds.

    AK-47 Assault Rifle

    No Caption Provided

    A rather unorthodox weapon for a Resident Evil game, the AK-47 is only found during Chris' segment of the story. Much like the dual wielding weapons, it's ammo count is labelled via percentage, though extra AK ammo can be procured. It is fully automatic and packs a great deal of power, proving vital against any and all enemies encountered. Because of its sturdy combination of both power and speed, it is given the handicap of requiring two inventory spaces to carry.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 100 bullets, marked by %, with each shot taking roughly 1%.
    • Ammunition - 7.62x39mm Soviet Rounds.

    M37 Sniper Rifle

    No Caption Provided

    The first ever sniper rifle introduced into the series, the M37 is used only once during a mid-game boss battle against the once-human Alexander Ashford, later dubbed Nosferatu. It is most often seen in the hands of Alfred Ashford as he pesters Claire throughout the first half of the game. During the one occasion it's available, it allows the player to go into a first-person view mode for better accuracy (another first for the main series, discounting Resident Evil Survivor). It only has 7 rounds, though that can be more than the player requires, should they be able to shoot Nosferatu directly in its exposed heart. This is easier said than done, however, with the icy fog surrounding the area and Nosferatu's constant expulsion of a poisonous gas.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 7 sniper rounds.
    • Ammunition - N/A.

    Linear Launcher

    No Caption Provided

    The end game one-off weapon and Rocket Launcher equivalent for Code: Veronica, the Linear Launcher is a strange weapon that fires electrical homing rockets. It is only used canonically during the finale battle against the mutated blob-form of Alexia Ashford. It can be unlocked for the main game with infinite ammo should the player gain an S rank - as well as the Battle Game minigame, with the same properties, should the player gain an S rank with every character.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - N/A.
    • Ammunition - N/A.



    No Caption Provided

    The walking dead are once again prevalent in Code: Veronica and share a lot of the usual properties of their other Resident Evil kin; slow, shambling movement, dangerous up close but susceptible to all weapons within the game. On occasion, zombies will vomit out acid if they can't quite reach the player.

    Zombie Hound

    No Caption Provided

    Another trademark enemy of the series, zombie dogs are always encountered in packs and contain the same agility and brutality as a standard dog. They're rather weak fortunately, and can be taken down swiftly with a few handgun or shotgun shots. Regardless, even with their rampant speed and tenacity, player-characters are still just ever-so-slightly faster and can outrun them.


    No Caption Provided

    Large, yellow one-armed monsters, Bandersnatchers have only appeared in the Veronica games. They rely on their single long arm to stretch and attack the player, and will do so very frequently given the opportunity. They can also use their arm to latch onto walls and maneuver through the environment following the player. They're pretty sturdy as well and stand as one of the most antagonizing enemies within the game.

    Bandersnatchers are also only encountered on Rockfort Island during Claire's portion of the story, though Chris does face one as he searches for Claire on the island.

    Hunter II

    No Caption Provided

    While being very similar in appearance to the Hunter Alpha's from the original Resident Evil, these Hunter models are much more advanced and sophisticated; they can be partnered with a small surveillance robot called Seekers that'll search for its targeted prey, alerting any nearby Hunters should it locate it. They attack very much like all Hunters of the series and can still commit an instant-kill attack should the player's health be in the Caution state or lower. Hunters have formidable resistance to most weapons and are best contended with the Colt Python Magnum or AK-47 Assault Rifle - running away would be the best alternative.

    They are only encountered during Chris Redfield's portion of the story as they were brought in by Albert Wesker himself, who programmed them to specifically hunt down Chris.


    No Caption Provided

    Sweepers are a variant of the Hunter II model, distinguished by their reddish colour. They attack in the same patterns and can still be called upon via one of the Seeker robots. What most separates them from the standard Hunters is that their attacks can poison the player.

    These, too, are only encountered during Chris Redfield's portion of the story.

    Black Widow

    No Caption Provided

    These are the giant spiders of Veronica, instead opting for Black Widows over the usual tarantula arachnids. While they look significantly different from their peers, they act very similar and have the same array of attacks, with their poison-spit once again acting as their greatest weapon.


    No Caption Provided

    As always, crows prove to be more of a nuisance than a genuine threat. They do minimal damage and can often be killed with a single bullet; their numbers are always many, however. Sometimes a shotgun blast might be worth it to take a pack down, but otherwise they're best just ignored.


    No Caption Provided

    Bats function nearly the exact same as crows. The one particular difference is that they can be warded away should the player equip the lighter.


    No Caption Provided

    Only encountered in the Antarctica base, Moths primarily function similar to crows. They constantly emit a poisonous gas, however, and can also latch onto the player leaving a maggot sack on the characters back; the player is forced to wait for the character to throw the sack off before they can leave the area. They're easy to kill, but because they often respawn once the player has leaved, it's most profitable to dash past them.

    Albinoid Infant

    These are only encountered briefly when Claire Redfield enters a lab to collect a specific painting; they can't be killed and only act as a minor obstacle for walking through the lab. One of them will escape and will eventually become a boss battle later on.

    Alexia Tentacle

    Sprouting through the environment, these are tentacles spawned by the now monstrous Alexia Ashford. They will block the players path, forcing the player to shoot any that they will encounter. Fortunately they are relatively weak and don't require much ammo.

    Boss Battles

    Gulp Worm Part I

    No Caption Provided

    While it isn't given much of an introduction, a giant worm titled the Gulp Worm will eventually be found burrowing outside the Military Training Facility throughout Claire Redfield's portion of the story. During this occasion it is completely optional to fight and can be largely ignored if the player is fast enough. The option to fight is still there, but would primarily be a waste of ammo since it doesn't reward anything minus its evacuation of the area, and will still be encountered later on as Chris Redfield.

    Gulp Worm Part II

    Once Chris Redfield arrives at Rockfort Island to save his sister Claire, unbeknownst that she's already left for Antarctica, he is ambushed by the Gulp Worm from before. After swallowing Rodrigo Juan Raval whole, Chris is forced to fight it. Its design includes a lot of surprise attacks, burrowing underground then quickly resurfacing for an attack. Sometimes it'll pop out and do a kind of roar, giving players the opportunity to attack it.

    While this battle is going on, the elevator that'll take Chris up to the surface is making its slow descent; it essentially acts as the timer for the boss battle, and as such if the elevator arrives before the player kills the Gulp Worm, they can opt to avoid this battle and just use the elevator. Choosing this outcome will deprive the player of the lighter Rodrigo may give, however - if Claire gave it to him before hand that is.

    Tyrant T-103 Part I

    No Caption Provided

    An alternate version of the Mr. X Tyrant model encountered during Resident Evil 2, this model is encountered twice by Claire Redfield. It differs in appearance from its coated brethren, equipped with a large, round mallet-like right fist with a large claw--as is custom with most Tyrant models-- for its left. The first time it is encountered, the player is cornered in a narrow passage with the Tyrant impeding the players progress forward, with a raging fire blocking the rear. Should the player walk into the fire, they will die instantly, forcing the player to unload everything they have into the Tyrant as it slowly makes its advance.

    Tyrant T-103 Part II

    The Tyrant is once again fought just as Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside are attempting to escape Rockfort Island. Somehow managing to latch onto the cargo hold, the player has to weaken the Tyrant with gunfire and then attempt to knock the Tyrant out the back with a large crate released from its safety harness. The Tyrant is otherwise invincible and cannot be killed without attempting to knock it out through the back with the crate.


    No Caption Provided

    Once Alexander Ashford--the man twins Alfred and Alexia were cloned from--he was experimented on with the Veronica Virus to such an extent that he became yet another addition to the B.O.W. library. Initially seen through a grated floor, tightly strapped to a chair with a huge halberd resting on him, he eventually manages to escape and is fought on a rooftop by Claire Redfield. His main source of attack is through a constant expulsion of poisonous gas that covers a huge area of effect; up close, he has a series of sharp appendages that have sprouted out of multiple areas of his body that he can attack with. Nosferatu moves slowly, though the large cast of fog that covers the battleground can make attacking him difficult.

    At this point the player has access to a Sniper Rifle with 7 shots available; using the first-person view, the player can potentially kill Nosferatu with a single hit should they shoot his exposed heart well enough. Whether Claire is poisoned during this fight also factors later on in the story when Chris Redfield finds her. If she was poisoned, Chris must search for a specific antidote (blue herbs won't work) before the story can carry on.

    Albinoid Adult

    No Caption Provided

    The full grown Albinoid creature Claire encountered only hours before has now fully grown into a huge amphibious lizard-like monster. Completely surfaced under a shallow pool--literally, within a swimming pool--it is the de-facto guardian of an emblem the player needs to collect. The Albinoid will periodically discharge an aura of electricity, however, making it very dangerous to enter. The Albinoid is completely harmless otherwise, as it doesn't leave the pool. The player can opt to kill it, but if timed right can also enter the pool and collect the emblem with minimal damage.

    Giant Black Widow

    No Caption Provided

    First seen under a sea of ice covering the main hall of the Umbrella Antarctica Base, Chris Redfield is forced to use a crane to crack the ice open to pull out the corpse of Nosferatu to claim his signet ring. This of course unleashes the Giant Black Widow. Simply massive, the Black Widow attacks much like its smaller kin but with a much larger poison spit arc.

    Steve Burnside

    No Caption Provided

    Like her father Alexander, Alexia infected Steve Burnside with the Veronica virus after she captured him and Claire. With a brief stint back as Claire during Chris' portion of the story, she finds him strapped to a chair with a large halberd resting on him exactly like Alexander. Just as Claire attempts to release him from the chair, Steve begins to mutate turning into a kind of green ogre. He equips the halberd with ease and begins to chase Claire. Steve isn't intended to be fought and the player can only run, as Steve can kill the player with just two hits, and a series of gates are being locked down through the hallway, forcing the player to stop for nothing.

    Alexia Ashford Humanoid Form

    No Caption Provided

    Coming off of Claire's encounter with the mutated Steve, Wesker and Alexia--now completely nude and mutated into a grey-ish color--engage in a fight with Wesker only just scraping by; noticing Chris Redfield hiding nearby, he calls it onto his ''best man'' to take care of her. Alexia herself is a relatively easy battle as they go, but her attacks can do severe damage. She will walk slowly towards the player, leeching a small line of blood which quickly bursts into flames. If the player is caught in it they have to wait through the animation of Chris attempting to wave the flames off.

    Alexia Ashford Sack Form

    No Caption Provided

    She is initially seen once again in her humanoid form as she halts Claire as she attempts to run away. If the player doesn't react, shooting Alexia with literally anything, then Alexia will kill Claire causing a game over. If the player does shoot her, she will then transform into a huge blob creature with what look like dragonfly wings, but still retaining the majority of her previous mutations face. Because of Alexia's size, the player has very little room to maneuver and only has running access on a roughly 75 degree angle. Alexia herself mostly relies on her large tentacles that'll slam down on the player. She also summons a group of small pod like creatures that plant themselves and spout out a strange tail that'll whip the player. The player can kill them, (though they prove difficult because of their size) but Alexia will eventually replace them with more. In true Resident Evil fashion, a five minute timer is ticking down during this battle.

    Alexia Ashford Dragonfly Form

    No Caption Provided

    After Alexia Sack Form has taken enough damage, she will exit her sack and hover above the player. At the same time the Linear Launcher, which Chris and Claire prepared to power-up, is now available. Using the Linear Launcher, the player is to try and shoot down Alexia; her constant movement can make this tricky, however. Her only attack during this form is that same line of fluid she shoots out that bursts into flames. This form of Alexia isn't particularly difficult as a boss and the difficulty is built around the 5 minute timer that'll still be ticking down during this battle.

    Battle Game

    No Caption Provided

    The Battle Game is a time-trial mode that is unlocked after a single completion of the main game. Here it allows the player to choose from a select few of the main cast from Veronica X to play as and make their way through a set number of rooms. The rooms themselves are all unrelated to one another and stretch across environments throughout the entire game. Each character has their own unique load-out, though they have infinite ammo for all weapons; the main goal of the mode is to primarily get a decent time, rather than try make do with limited supplies. To pass on to the next room, however, every enemy must first be killed.

    Initially, only Claire and Chris are available, though if the player finds the broken Golden Luger pistol during the main game, Steve Burnside will be unlocked from the outset. He can otherwise still be unlocked if the player completes the mode as Claire. Albert Wesker also makes his playable debut for the Battle Game, and is unlocked via a completion with Chris in the mode. The final character is an alternate costume of Claire that is also unlocked after a single completion as default Claire in the Battle Game. Claire's alternate costume is exclusive for the Battle Game mode, however, and cannot be worn through the main game. Should the player get an S ranking for all characters, they unlock a Linear Launcher with infinite ammo (the Linear Launcher is also unlockable with infinite ammo for the main-game if the player scores an S ranking).

    Albert Wesker's Epilogue screen
    Albert Wesker's Epilogue screen

    What is unique about the Battle Game is that introduces the option to play in a first person view. The controls are still the same, though, and players still cannot shoot and move either, arguably making the FP mode more of an intriguing gimmick than a substantial alternative.

    Xbox 360, PS3 Version

    On March 23 2011, Capcom announced that Resident Evil 4 HD and Code: Veronica X HD would be coming to XBLA and PSN as two separate downloads in the Summer of the same year. This is of course in contrast to the compilation disc, entitled "Resident Evil Revival Selection" which received a Japanese-only release sometime before the fall. As the title suggests, it features enhanced 720p HD resolutions, as well as a full 1000 points Achievement score across 12 achievements, and 12 trophies for the PS3. No Platinum Trophy, however.


    Disc 1

    Resident Evil: Code Veronica Original Soundtrack (Japanese cover art.)
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica Original Soundtrack (Japanese cover art.)
    1. The Movie
    2. Title Calling
    3. Prologue
    4. Opening - Claire Version
    5. Thrown Into Despair
    6. Once Again
    7. First Contact
    8. Death Siege
    9. Steve's Chafe
    10. Incoming
    11. Putrid Smell
    12. The Palace of Insane
    13. A Moment of Relief
    14. Infants
    15. Hot Rescue
    16. Through the Scope
    17. Piano Roll
    18. Greetings
    19. Induction
    20. Other side of Glass
    21. Getting Out
    22. Target Locked
    23. Pulsating Right Arm
    24. Here Comes the Knight
    25. Entrapment
    26. Curiosity
    27. Father
    28. Lachrymal
    29. The Suspended Doll
    30. One-man Show
    31. Ashford's Music Box
    32. Pandora's Box
    33. The Secret Door
    34. Not Alexia
    35. A State of Emergency
    36. It's Back!
    37. The Theme of Tyrant 3- Version A
    38. As You Wish
    39. Revenge!
    40. The Theme of Tyrant 3- Version B
    41. Midnight Sun
    42. Crash!
    43. Blanc
    44. The Confined IT
    45. You Think You're Safe Now
    46. Resonance of Blood
    47. Go With the Digger
    48. The Theme of Nosferatu
    49. The Ending of the Beginning

    Disc 2

    1. The Opening- Chris Version
    2. I Need To Know
    3. R.I.P. Rodrigo Rest In Peace
    4. Intrigue
    5. Berceuse
    6. Claws of Doom
    7. Here they come
    8. Still Alive
    9. To Antarctica
    10. Subzero
    11. Fortress of Ants
    12. Bad Way or BAD Way
    13. Deja Vu
    14. At Last
    15. Sardonic Smile
    16. Divided
    17. Rasen
    18. Not Steve
    19. Love
    20. You Want It
    21. T-Veronica
    22. Murderous Eyes
    23. The Theme of Alexia Type 1
    24. The Resurrection of Alexia
    25. Silence of the Air
    26. The Code Is Veronica
    27. Transformation
    28. Resurrection
    29. Final Weapon
    30. The Theme of Alexia Type 2
    31. For S.T.A.R.S.
    32. Confrontation
    33. Awesome Powers
    34. Invincible!
    35. Velocity
    36. End Credits
    37. Set Free
    38. Doze
    39. New Battle
    40. Albinoids' Battle BGM
    41. Sandworm!
    42. Jingles Collection
    43. Music Box- Clock Version
    44. End Credits Veronica X Version

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