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Looking for fun, strong, mature players who are down to have fun and goof around but play for the objective and work as a team. No age limit!

Looking for other Res-Evil fans so we can talk about cool parallels to RE2 and other games. Also open to trash talking and foul humor but totally SICK of racist, homophobic nonsense. I HATE that kind of mentality. So none of that please.

Also am down for achievement hunting. The whole idea is that we can work as a very strong unit and plow through co-op. I'm down for any difficulty. Normal if its only two of us, Veteran if there are 3, and I'm down to try Professional with a full gang of 4. So hit me up on XBL ASAP! I'll be on for a while.

XBL: timemachineGO

Just add me as a friend ASAP and I'll reply and we can start things up. If we have a large group we can try professional or veteran. This would mean we need headsets and have to work as a team and play super solid, but I'm also open to just try veteran so that it's a challenge but easier/quicker to get through. Me and a friend are going to start on veteran to start with.

I'll be on for a while so if you see this post chances are I'm still online!!!! Lets do this and kill some friggin flesh eaters!!!

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