New campaign footage from Comic Con

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It's weird, but just watching this makes the weapons feel really weak; most likely because of their sound-effect or something. In any case that one particular weapons doesn't sound too fun to use. Leon's face looked laughable as well when they shown him in gameplay. Not to mention that the movement looks terribly loose, and the cover mechanics don't even work right since your head is clearly still very much exposed.
But hey, it's still pretty cool that they've recreated the sections of Raccoon City from RE2 so well, and the opening cutscene too with the zombified truck driver... just a shame this has to be the game to head to to once again experience those moments in HD.

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Wait... so Capcom wants me to play a game that appears to be Resident Evil in name alone and then they make the objective to kill one of my favourite characters in the series? As of right now, all I have to say about this game is: "Fuck off".

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