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All reviews lead to Hell. 10

I never had any delusions of Grandeur going in to Slant Six's attempt at creating a Resident Evil game stripped away of all the trappings of survival horror, leaving you with a dry-cut third person shooter set during the events of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. Given their history and the genre, and the way the game was shaping up in all of the trailers, I was certain that it was hardly going to be released to high praise. What I had hoped, however, was that my love for the franchise's lor...

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A game full of potential brought down by terrible execution 3

Beware: you may not want to come back    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a strange game to say the least. First off it is nowhere near your traditional Resident Evil experience (whether you consider that as RE1 or RE4). This is a third person 4 player co op action game. Raccoon city had so much potential to be extremely unique and interesting and add some cool things to Resident Evils crazy fiction.  Not to mention it takes place in arguably the most famous Resident Evil location during...

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon Pity 3

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. A game seemingly destined to fail from the moment it was announced. "A co-op shooter set within the confines of Resident Evil? Nay!" seemed to be the consensus. Why was this game being made, and who exactly was it being made for? A question that every fan had in their head. Combined with the checkered past of Slant Six games, it was all but too easy to completely dismiss Operation Raccoon City as a bomb waiting to go off.The campaign starts in a fashion sim...

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You are dead 0

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City reviewed by Doc D StrangeStory/Gameplaylooking at this image tells you alot about this game. Very, very bland game.Most gamers already know the story of Resident Evil 2 and 3 so I will focus on the what if story of this game. The game starts off in the Umbrella underground lab beneath Raccoon city where Dr. William Birkin has created the infamous G-Virus and the Umbrella Corporation wants it and Birkin dead. So comes in the U.S.S. (Umbrella Security Service)...

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Re: Operation racoon city gets a new spin on it ,not the most interesting , good but has a few drawbacks 0

thegood,,Online in orc scream value tilt is huge and good variety u find mostly in multiplayer,,but also singeplayer,but mostly multiplayer;),,when u first look at ORc ,, u might also see that it shares alot of same things used aka similarities used in ,, rnrnrnin both re4 and re5 ,,by that i mean ,,how the weapons are used,,as well as menus,,campaigns,,herbs,,aid -spray ,,and i could go on ,,rnrnrnrncampaign is good fun ,,there are nice looking and clever locals ,,areas ,,and the graphics are n...

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No internet connection? Well your screwed 0

I know plenty of people who started playing Resident evil after 4 and enjoy the "Series" But being a long time Resident Evil fan in this day and age is more of a broken leg than it is another pair of arms. Every time something is "Added" To the Resident Evil cannon they "And by they i mean Capcom" Pretty well spits on the early itteration of the series.... Y'know those things that made them so popular in the first place. They add characters where they dont fit, Events that never happend, And at ...

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Polished Turd...Capcom Strikes back edition.... 0

on second thought, fine xbox have the exclusive, i played the game for day and a half from Gamefly and sent it back, its a clunky piece of shi----it...not even worth a look, and i've played every RESIDENT EVIL game released in USA(except 5 and the coming 6) and this by far is the worst of the bunch, and that's saying alot if u don't believe i've almost beaten all of the PSone "Classics" and those look like late 80s early 90s pc games with the controls being as good as they look, but they're stil...

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Socom Evil 0

When fans hear the name “Resident Evil”, most people tend to remember back to the original, one of the ones that actually created the genre that we now call “Survival Horror.” While the Resident Evil formula has changed over the past few iterations, it still remained a strong contender with Resident Evil 4 even taking a few game of the year titles in the year of its release. When I first heard of the rumors a couple years ago of Capcom possibly looking into returning to Raccoon City for another ...

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Operation Raccoon City isn't all that exciting to play alone. 0

2012 started off so bright for the Resident Evil franchise. In February, gamers were treated to the great Resident Evil: Revelations, a game that managed to bring tension and atmosphere back to the series, something that I felt was lost in Resident Evil 5. Then you had the exceptional trailer for Resident Evil 6. It’s causing some hype in the gaming community at the moment, gaining record preorders for the series. Right now the second Resident Evil game of the year has arrived. This one is a lit...

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Review: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City 0

(Note: This review can also be found at Front Towards Gamer)When I first heard that Slant Six Games was developing a multiplayer-focused third-person shooter with the Resident Evil license, my immediate thought was of some weird amalgamation of SOCOM Confrontation and Resident Evil: Outbreak. I know that’s not the best pedigree in the world, but don’t be so quick to roll your eyes and write off Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City as just another case of Capcom grasping at straws. While those p...

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There's a game in there, somewhere 0

Operation Raccoon City could have been an amazing game. Slant Six simply was not up to making it a complete or balanced game. Every corner of the game reeks of missed potential, from the 'story' mode to the half-baked multiplayer. To even call this game a Resident Evil game is an insult of the highest caliber.The trouble starts with the game's mechanics and gameplay. It is supposed to be a 3rd person shooter, and models itself after games like Gears of War and Left 4 Dead. It's amazing they so c...

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Cleaning up Umbrella's mess 0

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a third-person tactical shooter set in the RE world. Around the time that Leon and Claire were uncovering the truth in 1998, a USS Delta team was dispatched to the city to retrieve the T and G-virus alongside HUNK, a veteran of the series. Things of course do not go smoothly, and the team is then directed to cover-up any trace of Umbrella activity.There are some real negatives to the game, so I want to at least point out what I really liked about the game...

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