I love RE:Outbreak and wish they would re-release it or a new one

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I know that, on release, the game wasn't terribly well received, but it was one of the first online games I ever played and I loved it. There was something about playing an online classic survival horror with other people. I just remember times where I would be stuck in a room with no weapons and someone would come out of nowhere to save you, or you would be wounded and they would carry you around with them. I don't know, there were just some really great cooperative elements to it. With some voice chat support it could've been great, though I think that they could do something cool like you could only talk to someone if they were somewhere near your character in game to emphasize the necessity of sticking together. Instead we get Operation Raccoon City, which, honestly, doesn't look all that hot.

Did anyone else enjoy Outbreak before the online services were gutted? As a single player game, it's kinda shit.

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