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I played through the game and finished the "Krauser's thought" scenarios yet i'm still missing one of the videos in the video archive. Does anyone know how to get this video in the Operation Javier storyline? 
(great typo in the title...)

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This is the before last page of the video section of Operation Javier.
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 GameFAQs will sort you out straight away.

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@Linkyshinks: Unfortunately no, I've already tried to look it up there.
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Maybe you need to play a different difficulty to get some uber ending?

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I think i've got it.
I've already unlocked and completed chapter 6 and 7 of operation Javier which are pretty much chapter 4 and 5 with krausers thoughts so that is where that last video must be hiding.
The "Krauser bonus scenarios" Gamefaqs mentions must not be the "Krauser's thoughts" scenarios (chapter 6 and 7) which means that i'll have to finish chapter 7 of Operation Javier in "Krauser's thoughts" in less then 10 minutes.
And the boils down to, oh dear god... 
 My poor trigger finger...
Better upgrade my weapons (a lot) before i even think of trying this.

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