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Eat Bullets - Rot Face!

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles is an "On Rails" light-gun shooter game. You don't control the direction you go as much as it's like a moving shooting gallery. This Game is a must have for Resident Evil fans or on Rails shooters. The game has pretty tight controls, decent graphics for the Wii and nice sound effects. This is also a great game to play through if you have missed out on any of the previous Resident Evil games (0-4) and want to catch up on the story line in time to play Resident Evil 5. There are plenty of maps, unlockables, weapon upgrades to keep you entertained for 12+ hours. The co-op feature adds value. This game makes a great rental, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it for $50. It's defiantly a great time killer and something you can pop in if you only have 10 mins to kill and want to waste some living dead.

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