Capcom celebrates 20 years of Resident Evil

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As Capcom celebrates 20 years of Resident Evil, we've seen a slew of new content, including a competitive shooter and Outlast 3. Today at the Sony pre-TGS presser, Capcom finally revealed what all Resident Evil fans have been waiting for:

A music video!


L'arc-en-Ciel and Resident Evil comes together on PlayStation VR with a music number titled "Don't Be Afraid". The team at Capcom took time out of their busy schedule of not making that Resident Evil 2 Remake, to scan each member of the band and faithfully recreate them in Racoon City, which you might remember from Resident Evil 2, which, again, isn't a game that they've been working on to put out this year, in celebration of the 20th anniversary.

Seriously though: Being a music video in VR, it'll probably be free and that's cool. PlayStation VR has a ton of stuff coming out for it and I'm super stoked to check it out in a month.

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How many different ways can you own Resident Evil 4 you ask? Well let me tell you about all our packages!

It seriously feels like Capcom has been selling these same games for the past several years over and over again.

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@humanity: I keep buying Resident Evil 4, you have people like me to thank! It's like abstaining from harmful substances and you do a pretty good job of it, until every four or five years the Capcom van rolls around and asks "what are ya buying!?" and it's only a formality, because he knows. He knows what I'm there for.

That music video thing is strange, cool for fans of that band but I honestly just want to see what this Remake of 2 is going to look like. I just want the waiting to be over so I'll know if it's something I'll want or not.

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L'arc-coon City is amazing and I won't hear otherwise.

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@lost_remnant: I used to do the same for Fallout 1 & 2 but I finally broke myself away from that curse. I owned a boxed version, a CD jewel case version, GOG, Steam..

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@lost_remnant: @humanity: I put my mind to collecting all Resident Evil games on physical, with versions that are different enough to make sense. That's been a real shitshow recently... "Forcing" me to import Umbrella Corps from Asia. Not too crazy about the direction of Resi 7, but you gotta catch 'em all, right?

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