Rumour: Capcom to annouce RE7 for PS4 this E3

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#51 Posted by Mustainium (343 posts) -

Well damn, guess that means it'll be developed internally. Was hoping Capcom Vancouver would do it, however unlikely that was.

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#52 Posted by jakob187 (22947 posts) -

The shittiness of Resident Evil 6 mixed with the sales numbers should make people realize one simple fact: if it is a popular franchise name and a shooting game, people will gobble that shit down like they were 2 Girl 1 Cup. It's saddening.

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#53 Edited by Clapmaster (334 posts) -

I highly doubt that RE7 will be exclusive to anything because Capcom like money. Hell I bet there will be an iOS version.

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#54 Posted by Hunter5024 (6706 posts) -

They are fools if they expect to sell that many copies on a new system.

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