Should I play the original or the remake of Resident Evil?

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Hey guys, I really liked Resident Evil 4 and 5, and have always meant to go back and check out the rest of the series. I've found myself with some extra time and money on my hands lately, and I figured what the hell, now is as good a time as any.

My question is this: is there any reason not to play the remake? I know that the layout of the mansion is different, but that's it right? I assume that the scares and the story are still intact?

Thanks in advance!

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Oh shoot, I thought I put this in the Resident Evil board. Any mods want to move this for me?

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The remake no question

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If you're really curious in checking out where the series began, then by all means go back and play the original. It's obviously very dated but I still have a lot of love for it. The soundtrack in the original version is amazing and incredibly atmospheric. The soundtrack in the Director's Cut is super bizarre and creepy in its own weird way.

But yes, play the REmake no matter what. The mansion layout and puzzles are different, and there are also completely new story beats not present in the original version. The game definitely plays homage to some of the most notable scares in the original, but is home to plenty of new ones that will still be very unexpected even if you play the original. The REmake is definitely my favorite game in the franchise.

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Remake. Better experience. Watch the "Master of unlocking" shit on youtube.

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I'm a huge fan of the series and I can say that hands down hitting the remake is more than enough. It's basically the original game but with more added to it, better gameplay and beautiful visuals. The only thing you'll be missing is the horrendously hilarious dialogue of the original. In the remake it's just kinda bad but the original was something special, but a simple YouTube video can clear all the up for you.

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@buttle826: Hey duder, I think you can move the thread yourself if you hit the "Full Edit" button? Try it out!

I'm sure our resident Resident Evil expert @yummylee might have a few things to say about this question, but I'll give my own thoughts here:

Unless you are interested in having the "original" experience or have some interest in historical perspective when it comes to gaming, there really isn't a great reason to play the original. The remake of RE is a fascinating thing. Very beautiful, very true to the spirit of the original, but very different in a lot of ways. New mechanics, new rooms, changed item placement, etc. Like @the_ruiner alluded to, there is some very, very hilarious (and famous) FMV scenes and dialogue in the original that have been wholly excised from the remake - you do need to see these, trust me. Playing the game to see them is something else entirely. I would do it... but should you?

This is a good place to plug Game Informer's abosolutely phenomenal Super Replay wherein they play the original Resident Evil and its remake in back-to-back 1 hour chunks, really giving you a look at where things changed and just how much.

TL;DR - play the remake. You'll decide yourself after that if the original is something you are interested in.

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The original and its legendarily bad voice acting are a sight to see... But the remake is a significantly better game on all fronts, no question.

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Let me put it this way: The original Resident Evil feels like a cheesy Italian knock-off of a classic horror movie. The remake feels like the actual classic horror movie. Though if you have the time, I'd say run through both in chronological order, since the remake has a ton of stuff that feels handcrafted to screw around with people who are familiar with the old game.

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The Remake is an absolute masterpiece of its genre. 100 times better than the original in literally every way. Can't be missed.

The original is, to put it lightly, dated. Play the remake, especially since the remake recently got put in HD at 60fps. I don't think you'll get a lot of people saying otherwise here.

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Remake fo'sho.

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The original is a classic, but these days the Remake is a better option. It's tougher, I think, but the atmosphere is so much more impactful nowadays. It's improved in so many ways. Unlike movies, game remakes are frequently superior due to updated technology and refined mechanics.

I'd also say the same for Tomb Raider: Anniversary over the original, and I love the original.

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@geraltitude: Awesome, didn't know about that! Thanks for the tip.

Thanks everyone for he responses! Seems like it's a no brainer. I'll pick up the REmake

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The REmake is a far better playing game.

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