So I totally fell back in love with RE1

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#1 Posted by Demoskinos (17457 posts) -

So I used the 10% off PSN code yesterday to purchase RE1 Remake HD. And after playing yesterday I've come to be reminded why that game was so mind blowing.

In fact Im not even going to sit here and say "mind blowing for its time" because honestly I think this game holds up and holds up well. The game does make some caveats for people who want that i.e total movement on the left stick but largely it seems untouched.

I stuck with the original tank controls. Seeing the first zombie eating poor kenneths head off instantly threw me back to when I was 14 years old seeing this game (ps1 version) at my friends house.

There is something genuinely terrifying about the static camera angles and tank controls. You will hear a growl but not know what nook or cranny the creepy crawlie looking to eat your face is hiding in. I also really like that the game is letting me flounder in my own stupidity. I'm stuck pretty early on and forget how to progress but for whatever reason I find that incredibly exciting. Honestly I kind of wish Resident Evil 4 never happened now. No matter how many times I hear people exclaim "Were doing it! Were going back to basics!" It still ends up like a RE 4 clone just see the recently released Evil Within. Even on the harder difficulties you're still basically swimming in ammo and supplies.

I hope that someone can recapture the magic that the first resident evil brought. I doubt that happens as now games are built to appeal to mass audiences but man I really hope someone will just not give a fuck and make an honest to goodness classic survival horror experience again.

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#2 Posted by Justin258 (15641 posts) -

I was really looking forward to playing this game but I can't get into it.

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#3 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5989 posts) -

Completely agree.

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I wish I didn't remember damn near everything about these games like i do, as I'd love to be able to play one completely fresh for a change. As is, while I still enjoy going through them again, it more so feels like I'm going through the motions rather than having to slowly to uncover where all of the items are and when the jump scares will occur ect. Though my memory of Zero is perhaps the weakest, so I'm looking forward to giving that one's inevitable remastering a spin, even if it's also perhaps one of the worst of the OG survival horror RE games.

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@yummylee: Yeah that's the main thing that is exciting me the most. Besides the first 20 minutes or so I completely forget everything. I have vague memories of things. I know there is a giant shark and the plant boss and I'll remember some rooms because they are so infamous for jump scares but largely I'm going I to this with a fresh slate. So that might be what is making me so excited. I'm discovering most of this game all over again.

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#6 Posted by Spukc (11 posts) -

tbh i played it on dolphin a while ago it's ok...

but really the best way to play it is on the nintendo ds.. that version got like a special mode with more enemies and functions etc

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I haven't played the original remake at all. So I am looking forward to playing it for the first time and experiencing the magic of RE1 again, though in a new light.

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#8 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

@demoskinos: Wellcome to the club of the dont like RE4 too much crowd :) you will find that it is very .... spacious :(

I already have this game for the Wii so probably will skip it for the time being (also I must add that I dont have any current gen console or my PC is no longer up to the job)

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#9 Posted by conmulligan (1901 posts) -

I gave up on the original version after about an hour because I'm not a survival horror guy at all and couldn't get a firm handle on the controls, but I'm interested in checking this out. It seems like a blind spot worth filling in.

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#10 Posted by TwoLines (3654 posts) -

I... I always loved you RE1! I never left you!

But I do think RE4 was/still is a fantastic game.

RE2 is also pretty great.

RE3 stresses me out and I could never get into it.

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As someone who had never played a Resident Evil game before 4 I was extremely intrigued when I heard about this updated release and after completing this game I must say....holy shit this was god damn incredible. The atmosphere was flawless and I was legitimately freaked out on several instances and it never felt cheap. Even with the updated controls there was a great amount of tension for me due to the tight corridors and camera angles (I gave out the biggest fuck you when I glanced over in a mirror and saw a zombie hanging in the corner lol). It was also cool how they used such a small setting and made it so memorable memorizing great paths to get to and from storage rooms. I played as Jill because I heard about the larger inventory lol but it's cool how they give you the option (also Barry is fucking awesome). I will probably play as Chris at some point when I want to replay the game (maybe in October). I was pretty good about not using shotgun/magnum ammo unless necessary. Also, fuck the spiders! I nearly had a panic attack the first time I saw one of those :/.

I do understand your point about 4 even though that game will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my absolute favorites. I really liked The Evil WIthin and thought it was a step in the right direction for this kind of game, but it definitely had some pacing issues that killed some of the tension.

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I started at RE3 and it's my favorite, but I don't remember the classic styled games being so hard. In 3 you could get bit like five times before you go into danger, in the remake, you get bit twice and you're dead. I'm really enjoying it right now, especially my strategy of walk until I hear something else moving, and then bolt back to the door I came from to see if there's an alternate route without enemies.

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#13 Posted by Dussck (1053 posts) -

@jiggajoe14: Funny thing is; the parts I liked the most about The Evil Within were the parts around the farm and in the mansion. The first was alot like RE4 and the second one felt a little like RE1. If they had made the whole game like those parts it would've been my GOTY for sure. Why can't we have a RE1 style survival horror game anymore? Just a big mansion that you walk around and discover rooms with puzzles and items and stuff.

I really miss those games.

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anybody know how the ps3 version is technically?

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#16 Posted by CornBREDX (7364 posts) -

I like RE2 the most (unironically). RE1 is a bad game, but one with merit. Especially at the time.

I would wager you still think it holds up because you loved it then so you still love it. Maybe the remaster of it just works to make it more the game you remember even if that's not totally what it was (I don't know- I haven't played the new one. I do still have it on PS1 so I should do a comparison some time)?

It's hard to say, but the fact that they don't make these kinds of games anymore (not even in this series which is crazy!) certainly helps (as there has been little to no innovations on the concept at large- unless you count tossing it out entirely). If they remade RE2 I suspect you'd like that game more- it's a better game (I still own that on PS1 also). Just a guess, though. Obviously taste accounts for a lot of which I don't know yours. I just know RE2 is technically a better game (the story has always been ridiculous which is why it's fun even if not technically good, so we're not really relying on that).

I do agree that The Evil Within is not the game I think of when I think of survival horror. It's not even a kind of survival horror. It's just a bland game that could be so much more (even with the terrible story aside). So many bad design decisions in that game that have nothing to do with "survival horror."

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anybody know how the ps3 version is technically?

It runs at 720p as opposed to 1080p of course, but it should otherwise be identical.

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@yummylee: you know this or you assuming? that resolution is fine but 30 locked?

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#19 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

@yummylee: you know this or you assuming? that resolution is fine but 30 locked?

Assuming, but it should run fine. There's no reason why it wouldn't considering the scale -- prerendered backgrounds, mostly small and contained areas in between door transitional load screens, and that it's still ultimately a thirteen year old game.

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#20 Posted by liquiddragon (3321 posts) -

@yummylee: yeah, you're probably right...never know tho with transition to ps3. even the "great" remakes that were reviewed i found issues with...bunch of slow downs in mgs3, terrible pop-ins in shadow of colossus.

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#21 Posted by Demoskinos (17457 posts) -

@cornbredx: RE2 is good but there is something about the classic setting of the Spencer Mansion that makes RE1 so great.

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#22 Posted by ThunderSlash (2605 posts) -

I like the Spencer Mansion but RPD4LYFE.

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#23 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (2094 posts) -

I completely forgot how amazing most of the camera angles are in this game. I'm constantly blurting out "Hot damn that's a great angle" while I play, even calling my wife into the room to look at it. She doesn't appreciate it as much as I, but whatever, they're great camera angles.

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#24 Posted by Demoskinos (17457 posts) -

@viciousbearmauling: Yeah, that is something Im really appreciating this time around too. The way every room is framed really makes it feel cinematic in a way. And most of the pre-rendered backgrounds look pretty great as well although there are a few that look like straight up garbage.

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#25 Posted by FrostyRyan (2920 posts) -

The amount of people who still don't seem to realize this is not a "remaster" of the original PS1 game is astonishing to me.

This is the remake of the first game, now in HD. The first game is very dated. If you've played the original PS1 Resident Evil only, you have not played this remake in any way.

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I'm annoyed with the game myself. I must of been a video gaming savant as a kid because I remember playing RE 1 on the hardest difficulty (the ones you can start from anyway) and beating it without much problem. Would of been 10 years old when the first game came out. And I always hoard ammo and only use my pistol in these games and end up at the last boss with just about all the ammo you could ever need.

So I started this game with Chris on the hard difficulty and already have no ammo and zombies everywhere and am thinking about how much fun I'm not having and being stressed out. I guess times have changed for me because I'm going to start over as Jill on easy! Then I'll probably fall back in love with it.

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#27 Posted by Dichemstys (3923 posts) -

I love the HD version and I've been playing through CVX too recently. Great to see that you got back into it!

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I never played this back in the day, played RE4 when it came out for ps2 and that's it, liked 4 a lot but not nearly as much as i like this. I'm on my third straight playthrough, on real survivor mode, it's easily the best looking release of the new generation IMO, the grainy art style is just superb, but I love the gameplay, even considering the fact that the sudden switching of angles works too often in the enemy's favor, and the fact that there are no more surprises left for me, the question of how best to spend fewer resources on higher difficulties has made it compelling, I can't even remember the last time i jumped straight back into a game after i was done, the first mass effect maybe, and I don't think I've ever gone three runs in a row without a break.

also the dialogue and voice-acting is just bizarro-hilarious, like you couldn't replicate it if you tried, god bless the developers of those days, writing things themselves, may their sincere efforts live on in HD environments like this one.

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#29 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7535 posts) -

I would play it again if it were like $15....but I have no clue how much it costs.

Jim Sterling did a nice video two weeks ago about why RE still works, and why the Spencer Mansion is so memorable. I loved Resident Evil 1-3, they were classics. I never enjoyed any of the later games, in fact I think people are crazy to think RE4 praise RE4 so much.

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