What do you want next from the Resident Evil series?

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Posted by NTM (11872 posts) 9 days, 15 hours ago

Poll: What do you want next from the Resident Evil series? (68 votes)

A total reboot of the series (first-person) 1%
A total reboot of the series (third-person) 10%
Resident Evil 8 (first-person) 25%
Resident Evil 8 (third-person) 22%
A remake (RE3 as an example; in first-person) 0%
A remake (RE3 as an example; in third-person). 28%
I'd rather there just not be another Resident Evil... 1%
How about something else other than a third-person or first-person shooter/horror? How about an MMORPG or RTS or something? 1%
I don't know. 10%

I rarely go on IGN, but I went on there yesterday for the first time in a long time and saw a very similar poll, so I stole the idea and put it on here because I'm curious what you guys want from the series. Personally, I would really like another first-person horror game. I really liked the action third-person shooting of four through six, but seven really did feel fresh and I'm kind of hoping we see more first-person RE. I thought it helped in making the game creepier than it otherwise would be. I want them to do at least two more RE games in first-person but remake three and perhaps Code Veronica in the same vein as the RE2 Remake. I haven't looked into it before typing this (I probably should have) but it sounds as if Capcom is gearing up, or already making the next Resident Evil game? I hope it's RE8 and in the first person, but either way, I'm interested to see what it is. I should also mention, I feel like I've made a thread like this before? If someone finds something like it, go ahead and point that out.

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#1 Posted by Relkin (1214 posts) -

I think a REmake of 3 is inevitable, given what they did with Mr. X in the REmake of 2. I also think another first-person one in the vein of 7 is coming down the line, considering 7's commercial and critical success.

I would like either of those and I don't really care which one comes first. The reboot options feel a little weird, though. I can't imagine they would just up and throw everything away. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to make some changes in any future REmakes they put out; a chance to fix some of the more flawed entries in the franchise.

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#2 Posted by lobster_johnson (70 posts) -

Currently playing the remake of 2, and it's about as good of a videogame remake as I can imagine... but I'm really tired of everything being a remake. I'd always prefer something new.

I'd like something new in the same style, be it Resident Evil 8, or Resident Evil: Subtitle, or whatever.

I did like 7, for the most part, but I can see the novelty of the 1st person view wear off way faster for me than the fixed camera angle formula of the early games.

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#3 Edited by Nodima (2636 posts) -

Put me in the "I don't know" camp. Finally bought Resident Evil 2 (and, like, my fourth release of 4) during this Celebrate Summer sale and I've had a pretty exhilarating time with it, but I knew from the very beginning how much I was dreading Mr. X and there's a chance he really will prevent me from finishing the game. It's just too intense! I skipped Resident Evil 3 as a kid for the same reason despite repeatedly playing RE1, 2, 4 and REmake I just never wanted to deal with that kind of persistence.

For that reason, I also know I have no interest at all in ever playing Resident Evil 7, which leaves me in a weird spot. I replayed REmake just two years ago and still loved it, and my little dabbling through Resident Evil 4 just reminds me how perfect that game was (but also how much other devs have technically improved on its definitive aspects), so technically I'd be interested in either approach, I guess. I did skip RE5 and 6 while really liking most aspects of Zero, so I suppose I'd lean towards another tank controls, photo realistic straight up explore a place and do some puzzles game if you cranked my arm.

Just no Mr. X / Nemesis / Dad from RE7 mechanics as I Simply Cannot Hang. The only thing that makes the Chainsaw Dude bearable for me is that he can go down relatively easily once you meet RE4 on its terms. Otherwise he is still just as terrifying to me as he was when I was 14.

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#4 Edited by Rahf (529 posts) -

Resident Evil 7 was a left turn into uncharted territory for that series, and it paid off in spades both in terms of Capcoms notoriety and sales. Game was genuinely terrifying and seemingly lauded by most, or at least respected for its choices.

RE2 remake felt like it was either mentioned in passing or speculated as being in the works for a long time. It also paid off and was a hit, but honestly I was more excited because it wasn't just RE2, but an improved and slightly altered version top-to-bottom. It was Resident Evil 2.1, where the other game I mentioned was Resident Evil 7.0.

So, now we're in a place where the last remake was a hit, and the last original narrative was a hit, with none standing out above the other. I suspect going back to a first-person perspective will really hammer home how successful that design is, and possibly decide the series future. Doing another remake of, say, RE3 could backfire long-term due to saturation, but it would also be the sure bet just for sales.

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#5 Posted by nutter (2292 posts) -

I don’t know.

I’ve always liked the idea of Resident Evil more than any of the games themselves.

Fun Fact: While I’ve played a bit of most RE games, I’ve only beaten RE5 and RE6 because they’re coop. Oh, and RE Revelations, too!

Bonus Fun Fact: I own RE1 and RE4 on three platforms each. I’ve never stuck with either long enough to beat them.

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#6 Posted by liquiddragon (3526 posts) -

REmake2 in the style of REmake1. ?? I still think REmake1 is the RE to beat.

Joking aside, tho that would've been cool, I prefer a 3rd person game so RE8 3rd person plz. REmake 3 would be dumb. You remake games that are bona fide classics, not ones that even the fans are divisive about. Honestly, it makes more sense to REmake4. Ppl will be mad but it would a total smash.

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#7 Posted by Panfoot (333 posts) -

I think I want to see an RE8 first following up on RE7's design, then a remake of 3 in the style of the recent 2 remake. I feel like both those are fairly safe bets too given the success of both games, and how the RE7 DLC reintroduces classic RE story stuff and with Mr. X seemingly like a prototype for what Nemesis would be like in a 3 remake.

Given how likely that stuff is, what I really want it to see the classic versions of 1-3 and CVX released on steam, I've never played the original 2 and haven't played 3 at all, plus I really do like the original game even if the remake is better, so I'd love to see the entire main series together in one place.

Also, wild card: new Outbreak maybe? I feel like a co-op group RE game has a much better chance of working now then it did back in the early days of online console gaming. Plus, the last mutiplayer RE game was Umbrella Corp. and there is nowhere to go but up after that garbage.

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#8 Posted by nateandrews (102 posts) -

I hate to pick I Don’t Know here but that’s where I’m at. The only two games in the series I’ve played are RE7 and this year’s RE2 remake. RE7 is probably my favorite horror game, but the character models in their engine look so dang good that I wouldn’t necessarily mind a new game in the third person perspective. It could really go either way for me.

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#9 Posted by ShaggE (9302 posts) -

I'd really like another game in the vein of RE7 (including VR support), but I'm not sure where they could go with that. The whole Texas Chainsaw inspiration thing won't work twice, yet that's what I loved about 7.

I also wouldn't mind a new entry in the style of RE2Make.

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#10 Edited by Redhotchilimist (2972 posts) -

Resident Evil 4. That's basically what I want. An over the shoulder adventure that's largely self-contained, has its tongue firmly in its cheek, and has a good mix of exciting action adventure and a slower pace. A linear action title where every room feels crafted for a unique encounter, and the varied enemies have interesting weaknesses to take advantage of, and don't shoot back.

I actually enjoyed 6 as a co-op romp, but it's a bit too much on the whole. On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of traditional survival horror, neither of the first person or clunky fixed camera variety. I want them to make another game in-between those extremes.

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#11 Posted by Junior_AIN (339 posts) -

A whole new game with the old tank controls.

Frankly, anything that's not a lame remake would make me happy.

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#12 Posted by fauxical (76 posts) -

I think RE4 really set in motion the directon of gameplay the series (and for a lot of games) is and still heading in. If they do a "retro" throwback entry in the series with the awful camera angles and tank controls I think it would be interesting but just don't ham in the cheesy dialogue and voice acting for nostalgia. Capcom has milked the whole "Jill Sandwich" thing across multiple games for too long now.

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#13 Posted by TheFlamingo352 (377 posts) -

I loved RE7, but RE2 remake I think is the slightly better, more even game. I definitely want a new RE8 in the vein of either of those games, but I think I'd prefer third person given the choice.

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#14 Posted by NTM (11872 posts) -

@relkin: It's not really about what's likely to happen, and more of what people want. Perhaps not now, but after six happened, and I think even seven, there were people saying that they hope Capcom just start anew with the series. That's why I added the reboot options.

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#15 Posted by BoOzak (2648 posts) -

The Evil Within 3! (jokes aside Ghostwire Tokyo looks great, it's probably better they do something new)

A third person RE8 would be nice. I liked RE7, but it felt like a much better execution of what a lot of others horror games are doing, (Outlast, Amnesia etc.) there arent many third person survival horror games out there these days.

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#16 Posted by NTM (11872 posts) -

@theflamingo352: @nodima: I found the dad in RE7 to be pretty creepy (I also loved his voice work, which was just fun). The first person camera helps a lot. Tyrant, on the other hand, isn't that bad, but unfortunately, that's in large part thanks to RE2 remakes color grading. The game is way, way too bright no matter what you set the options to. You have to turn your TV brightness setting down which is not a good thing. Plus, Tyrant is just very easy to move around and there are times when he's so far away that he's just not coming to you. Compared to the dad in seven, Tyrant was kind of easy to get around while the dad it wasn't always easy to tell where he may be and there weren't as open spaces to get around him.

I wish I liked the remake of two a lot more, but I don't. It's not new to RE to have bad dialogue, but I think RE7 made a nice step toward making the writing less cringe; RE2 went back to it at times. I was also slightly disappointed in the handling of Raccoon City (but again, it all might just be because of the color grading). My brother just bought one DLC that's basically cheating, so you can already have infinite rocket launcher ammo and etc. It's hilariously brutal with the mini-gun and makes quick work of everything.

I like RE2 Remake, but it's pretty disappointing in a handful of aspects.

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#17 Posted by FrostyRyan (2924 posts) -

RE8, which will most likely be first person like 7. I mean, why experiment with that camera and then immediately abandon it especially when it was so successful?...

And then of course REmake 3 just like they did with 2. They already have a lot of the assets there as far as I'm concerned.

This way, we get the best of both worlds. The last option for an MMO or RTS is hilarious

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#18 Posted by KillEm_Dafoe (2659 posts) -

I definitely want an RE3 remake in the vein of the 2 remake. I hope the rumors about that being development are actually true.

RE8 seems obvious, eventually. But I am really hoping they continue in first-person. It was a great new direction for the series (Survivor doesn't count) and for the most part, I thought it was an excellent game. What I really want out of is more sophisticated level design. While RE7 did try to evoke the design of the old RE games, it was more like a Resident Evil Junior in that regard, being much smaller in scale and more simplistic. The puzzles weren't super involved and areas could've been larger. I was actually very happy that RE2 remake's puzzles were just thoughtful enough to be challenging but not impede progress for very long. I hope the positive reception of that game influences RE8.

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#19 Posted by BeachThunder (15166 posts) -

I desperately want an RE8 in the same vein as RE7. RE7 was so good. If I'm being honest, I don't think I'd even consider playing RE8 if it wasn't first-person.

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#20 Posted by DarkeyeHails (604 posts) -

I'm deep in the "why not both?" camp. All for continuing the RE7 timeline in First person and the occasional REMake of old Resident Evil games, if they are going to do some fundamental changes like the did with RE2.

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#21 Posted by Stonyman65 (3812 posts) -

I'd love to see a 3rd person RE3 remake, which is supposedly in development now, however I'd also love a true survival horror reboot of the series. I loved the RE2 remake so if they did that for the original game (a RE-REmake, I guess?) would be awesome.

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#22 Posted by inevpatoria (7472 posts) -

I don't have any brilliant new vision for the series. But I am conflicted about the seemingly forgone conclusion that is an RE3 remake.

Frankly, I'm not sure I really want another "dynamic-persistent-unkillable-threat-chases-you-the-entire-game" sort of game. Not that Resident Evil has ever done it poorly--it's actually quite the contrary. Both Resident Evil 7 and the RE2 Remake found a way to balance a persistent threat against an engrossing gameplay loop. In fact, that's mostly a credit to the original execution of the Nemesis concept back in 1999.

That balance comes from smart pacing. Knowing when to drop the monster into the world and when to cache it back in the toy box. Discrete windows of pursuit end up being so much more valuable than an entire game's worth of cat-and-mouse.

Too little and you're left wanting. Too much and your game becomes Alien Isolation--one of my favorites, for the record--whose twenty-plus-hour runtime grinds you into exhaustion.

Capcom figured it out.

Resident Evil 2's Tyrant, in practice, operates as a purer form of the Nemesis idea than even the original Nemesis itself. Sure, he can't sprint, he can't operate a rocket launcher, he can't say the name of his (least) favorite anti-bio-weapon task force. But here is a menacing creature capable of navigating the game's world dynamically, of chasing the player down on the basis of their activity, of being an indestructible wall of terror.

It's neither omnipresent nor omniscient. And while it has a way of stumbling into your business at the most inconvenient times, the monster also behaves the way it does as the result of a very clear set of rules. That's the important thing, the real cherry on top. Reward comes from understanding those rules and exploiting them to critical advantage.

With the Tyrant, they did it. They nailed it. The perfect balance.

The question is: Where do you go from there? More hulking monstrosities chasing you down corridors? Or city streets, I guess? How do you make the Nemesis more dynamic without upsetting that balance? To me, the pitch sounds like Resident Evil 2 Part 2. Which, perhaps not coincidentally, is a common criticism of the original Resident Evil 3.

In fairness, Resident Evil 3 is an interesting game for reasons other than its eponymous villain. It featured branching paths, stranger enemies, and, for the franchise, shockingly complex puzzles. Also, there's this whole human element with the Umbrella soldiers trying to clean up the T-Virus mess. It's the only game in the franchise that really makes an attempt to humanize the other side of the outbreak.

I think if the Resident Evil team wanted to step in and shake up the game's formula, an RE3 remake could be really, really neat. But if it's just the Resident Evil 2 remake in downtown Raccoon City with another unstoppable enemy chasing you around, that's not as appealing.

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#23 Posted by Amingo (27 posts) -

It'll probably never happen, but I want them to take the combat system from 6 and actually put it in a game with good level design. It could be a spin-off or something.

But yeah, like everyone else, Id also like to see a RE8 and REmake 3.

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