Resident Evil (Director's Cut) - Worth a go?

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So, I'm going to admit something quite embarrassing - I've never really played a classic resident evil game (I played a whole bunch of RE5). It's one of the big series I never really got into as a young'un. Since it's on sale this halloween weekend, I was thinking of giving Resident Evil Director's cut on PSN a shot. I was wondering, how will it hold up today? I'm pretty thick-skinned at playing games with awful or outdated graphics e.t.c. so that doesn't bother me. But is it worth a go now or is it only worth playing if you hold the nostalgia value for it?

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I would say it depends on how cheap can get it. The game has an antiquated design and control scheme that a lot of people seem to hate. 
The Resident Evil games that played similarly are a bit hard to recommend since it can be a love hate kind of thing. Have you seen any gameplay? Are you interested in the exploring and puzzle side of things?
Also how do you like AMAZING voice acting? ( By that I mean its terrible)
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I'm a huge fan but I can admit they don't hold up. That said it is nice to learn about how games once were compard to their current forms. How cheap is it on PSN? I got it for free along with 2 and 3 due to being part of Plus but if it's less than $5 I say go for it, have a good laugh.

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@Resident4t: Haha, yeah I've heard (from other players and direct soundbites) how bad the voice acting is. Stuff like that adds to the charm I think! I'd say I know quite a bit about the game but was wondering if someone such as yourself thinks it stands up today for a first-time playthrough or whether it's too antique to be any fun anymore?

@msavo: It's £3.99 on the PSN at the moment so it's pretty cheap as things go. Funds are a little low at the moment so looking for something sort of under £10 to keep me busy for the next few days.

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@el_tajij: Hm...... Well the game can still be fun to play, but if you have never played the older Resident Evil games there is a high chance you might not like it.  If it is that cheap though I would say give it a chance.  Just know the game isn't really that long, if you go through it with both characters you could get maybe 10-15 hours out of it but it really depends on how fast you can get through it. The game can be beaten in 1-3 hours if you use a guide, so I would say stay away from guides as much as possible.
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Yes, if only to listen to this horrible change in the music:

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