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Hey! Watch my Resident Evil marathon.

Remember how some people did these Zelda and Mario live marathons? Wasn't that pretty awesome? Well, the idea here is the same, only with Resident Evil.

Starting next Friday, March 20th 2009, and through the week-end, some friends and I will be hosting a live webcast where we will play through the entire canon Resident Evil series, including the just-released RE5!

Obviously, we're doing this for charity (well, for charity and awesome). So there's this link on our blog where any viewer will be able to donate to Child's Play for the duration of the marathon, making this the most charitable zombie-killing event in the history of zombies (that I'm aware of).

For the record, the idea got started when my roommate suggested we should have a grandiose weekend-long Resident Evil marathon with all the friends we can sucker into coming to celebrate for the release of RE5. Then that evolved into a live-webcast marathon, which then evolved into a charity live-webcast marathon.

Astute minds will observe that RE5 came out yesterday. The plan was originally to start yesterday, but we moved it forward a week when concerns rose over the possibility of acquiring RE5 in time for this week-end. Then the concerns turned out to be unfounded, because we got it yesterday without a problem. But we're still doing it next week because well it's a little late to start now isn't it. As an added bonus, that gives you all some time to finish RE5 before watching us and being totally spoiled, so get to it.

So the games we'll be playing are, in that order:
-Resident Evil Zero
-Resident Evil (GameCube remake)
-Resident Evil 2
-Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
-Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X
-Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (this one might be cut out if we realize we won't have time to finish the series)
-Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
-Then we'll take a break and watch Degeneration, time permitting
-Resident Evil 5

Yes, we will be playing both Umbrella Chronicles and RE5 in co-op. Yes, we have a gorgeous HDTV to broadcast all of this on. The versions of the games we'll be playing will all be the GameCube ones where applicable, and the 360 version of RE5. Yes, we're aware that RE2 and 3 will look like crap on an HDTV. No, we don't particularly mind. And finally, yes, they're making a sequel to Umbrella Chronicles set during RE2 and that is awesome.

The address is
The date is March 20th, 2009.
The time is noon Eastern Daylight Saving.
The blood isn't Chris' (I hope).
Also Saddler is small time.

4// itchy tasty

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