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The first truely grat game for PS3

Resistance fall of man by Insomniac games

Resistance is a launch game for the PS3 and if you own one, you best pick up this game. It is definatly one of the best Next gen FPS so far. It has a very creative alternative history which definatly one of the best things about this game it delivers for a great experience. The graphics for a launch game of any platform usually isn't top notch but with resistance, you wont be disappointed, from very small detail's on the environment, to amazing looking enemies. long drawing distance and nice effects all tie in to a great experience.

If you have ever played a ratchet and clank game, (me), then you WILL recognize some features like the weapon selection and the circular arena like places you'll come across. One major difference though is the physics engine.
The rag doll like character physics improve Single and multilayer experience and with 40 player online matches, insomniac has really outdone them self.

this is a quick review so on my final note, i must say that if you like FPS's and have a PS3 this is a must have!
Graphics 9.0
Sound 9.1
Story 9.3
Presentation 8.8
Online 9.5

OVERALL 9.1 Excellent


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