Retro City Rampage coming to the 3DS eShop!

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From Nintendo's PAX press release:

On Nintendo 3DS, both Shantae and the Pirate's Curse from WayForward and Retro City Rampage from Vblank Entertainment Inc. will be playable for the first time.

Nice! Double dip incoming :)

Gimme all the dizzles!

edit: bummer, no 3D since it would require a crapton of extra work to be done for new assets and such:

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RETRO CITY RAMPAGE is coming to Nintendo 3DS™!

RCR Coming to Nintendo 3DS™, Playable at PAX!
Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Many of you have requested that Retro City Rampage be ported to other platforms. However, releasing it on the initial five platforms single-handedly was already an exhaustive process. Eight SKUs had to go through console certification, and a handful of additional SKUs needed to be packaged and tied in a bow for players. It was a world record as far as I know, but in the end I was exhausted and couldn't even think about more ports.

Since launching, RCR's proven to be a huge success, selling over 170K units and moving another 270K on PlayStation Plus. The players love it and word of mouth seems to be its greatest ally as it's sold more copies and generated more revenue this year than last year!

What came as a surprise to many though was that RCR for PS®Vita was the most successful console version. Most players agree that it's the best way to play RCR. It kind of makes sense, as I'd designed RCR with pick-up-and-play in mind -- the right ingredient for a great handheld experience.

So, once enough time passed for my batteries to recharge just a bit, I decided the next logical step would be bringing RCR to the 3DS.

Working with Nintendo's been a great experience (in a large part thanks to Dan Adelman), so I'm happy to continue supporting both the players, and Nintendo themselves.

The 3DS version is the first that's required significant development work. While all previous versions were nearly pixel-for-pixel identical, the dual screens, lower resolution and less beefy processor meant some things had to go back to the drawing board. Quality's important to me and for it to play well, it wasn't going to be a quick-n-dirty port. It packs all of the same content as the other versions, including the new Retro+ Enhanced Graphics mode, but every mission is being tweaked and adjusted to run best with the zoomed in camera. I'm also still working on the best ways to utilize the bottom screen for both convenience and gameplay. I'm not a fan of flow-breaking minigames, but selecting weapons, scrolling the minimap, or even using the screen for dual-stick style shooting are on my list to explore.

The main game is 2D, just like the other platforms. While just as much as you, I would love to play RCR in 3D, with a top down angle, a conversion wouldn't be trivial. With sidescrollers, developers can simply separate the background and foreground layers and distance them apart. However, with a top down perspective using cube-like objects such as buildings and vehicles, it would require the graphics to all be recreated as 3D objects, a new rendering engine, a camera system that players would be happy with, and further optimizations. For a new game it would be more feasible, but for an existing one, it simply would've taken too long.

If you're curious as to what's required to develop and release a game (explaining why games aren't usually released on a million platforms), watch my talk from GDC 2013, here.

I'm happy to announce that Retro City Rampage for Nintendo 3DS™ will be playable at Nintendo's PAX Prime booth next week in Seattle! Come by and give it a try. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's feedback to make it the best it can be on the 3DS.

...and it's slated to be released on the eShop this holiday season.

If you don't have a 3DS or need the game right now, remember that
it's available now on WiiWare(which can be played on both a Wii and Wii U in Wii Mode),
PlayStation®3, PS®Vita, Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC / Steam.

Thanks for your continued support!
Brian Provinciano
Developer of Retro City Rampage

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Sweet. Might buy it again, i never really played it on PC that much.

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