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Retro Game Crunch is a collection of seven games that are packaged together. This genre-crossing compilation includes an explorative platformer, a top-down puzzle adventure, a beat 'em up platformer, a time traveling metroidvania, an early 80’s arcade-like platformer, a two-player card game, and a samurai shoot ‘em up.


Super Clew Land

Super Clew Land is an exploration-based platformer where the players objective is to eat and evolve in order to further navigate the map. The player must avoid other predators scattered about the different biomes, while hunting down prey of their own.

When the player feeds on prey a series of colored beads will drop into the creatures stomach one at a time. The player then moves the beads left, right or up in order to match a colored pattern located in that direction, if there is no match then the player can discard that bead by moving it down. If the bead doesn't match and is sent in that direction it will discard any progress made in that section. When the player has matched the pattern in each direction the player fills part of the evolution bar, if the bar fills up then the player will undergo an evolutionary change. These changes consist of adding feet for jumping, tail for swimming, horn for bashing bricks and wings for flying. These evolutionary changes allow the player to reach previously inaccessible areas.

End of Line

End of Line is a game about learning how to die properly. The player is tasked with out smarting the autonomous repair robots in a puzzle style adventure.


GAIAttack is a beat'em up platformer for up to four players. Gaia has summoned four champions to rise up and defeat the sky pirates.

Paradox Lost

Paradox Lost is a metroidvania style platformer staring Abby Storehart, a pilot who has crashed landed on an isalnd. Abby soon discovers a peculiar item, a gun that shoots time travel. The player must guide Abby around the island, through three different time periods, in order to piece together the paradox.

Wub-Wub Wescue

Wub-Wub Wescue is an arcade style platformer in which a pug must brave a treacherous jungle in order to rescue his master.

Brains & Hearts

Brains & Hearts is a two-player card game that takes place inside of Albert Einstein's dream.


Shūten is a vertical-scrolling shoot'em up for one or two players. Owari's village is destroyed as ancient gods awaken, now Owari will take up arms and end those responsible.


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