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    A six axis shooter that takes place in a computer where you are hunting the viruses.

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    In Retrovirus you are the pilot of a ship that is sent inside a big mainframe to eradicate viruses. The game is very much like the games in the Descent series as it uses tight spaces and a six-axis rotation and move style.

    The game comes with a single-player campaign and lots of multi-player options including co-op and hot-seat.

    At this moment (November 2012) the game is still in beta with a scheduled release early 2013.


    The game did an unsuccessful kickstarter campaign in the spring of 2012 collecting only a small part of the funding they needed to upgrade and enhance the game. After finishing the kickstarter campaign they were contacted by a manager of games retailer Gamestop who were interested in financing some of the game asking only some exclusivity. Thanks to this initiative the game could be completed.


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