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Reuben is the final of Benjamin's friends, who he meets in Fireburg. Benjamin helps Reuben locate his miner father, who then informs the duo that the Dualhead Hydra (one of the Vile Four) is located in a nearby volcano.

After the two of them defeat the Hydra, they head to Windia but Reuben is tackled and knocked off the Rope Bridge by an enemy. Injured but alive, Reuben is separated from Benjamin and makes his way back home. He discovers a secret entrance to the Focus Tower en-route which later turns out to be the key to reaching the Dark King.

Despite being injured, he assists Benjamin in clearing out Captain Mac's ship but his injuries finally catch up to him and he is rendered bedridden for the remainder of the game. Phoebe takes over for the final stretch. Reuben is mostly back on his feet for the ending sequence, seeing Benjamin off with the other major characters.

Reuben only ever uses his morning star to fight, though he does show Benjamin how to throw grenades (an upgraded form of the explosives he acquired from Tristam). He is known as Red in Japan.

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