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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 30, 1999

    Revenant is an isometric Action RPG, playing similarly to Blizzard's Diablo series.

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    His daughter kidnapped by the evil wizard Yhagoro, Lord Tendrick summons forth a revenant - "one who returns from death" - to rescue her. That revenant is Locke d'Averum, a renowned fighter bound to Lord Tendrick. Locke remembers little about his past, and finds himself in an unfriendly present as those around him do not like the idea of having a long-dead warrior wandering through their city. During his long journey to rescue princess Andria, Locke will fight through hordes of enemies, piece his memories back together, and regaining his unparalleled combat skills.


    Though it introduces several ideas of its own, Revenant's inspiration comes from Blizzard Software's Diablo series. The player begins the adventure in Lord Tendrick's keep, which offers several shops to purchase equipment, people who will speak with Locke and offer him quests, and nooks and crannies where Locke can find random loot. Locke will return to the keep many times as he collects money and items, and completes quests.

    After leaving town and advancing on his main mission, Locke will encounter groups of monsters. While Diablo players simply clicked on enemies until their character killed them, Revenant does add some additional variety. Locke has three different attacks to choose from, a thrusting attack, a swinging attack, and a chop attack. Each attack has different power, speed, and fatigue attached to it. As Locke's fatigue increases, his attacks become less effective. Managing damage output and fatigue is critical to staying alive, especially in the early going when Locke doesn't have many abilities from which to choose. As he gains levels and abilities, Locke can also chain together several attacks into a combo.

    As Locke defeats enemies, he gains experience points. Upon gaining enough experience, Locke levels up and can increase his skills. Additionally, as Locke uses a particular type of weapon - e.g. axes, swords, or bare hands - he gains skill in that weapon type. Gaining enough skill grants him additional abilities with that weapon. Enemies also drop random loot - e.g. money, items, and magical equipment - after being defeated. Locke will rarely hold onto a specific piece of armor or equipment for more than a few battles, as he constantly finds better gear.

    Magic works quite differently than in other, similar games. Throughout his adventure, Locke will acquire up to a dozen talismans. By combining the talismans in a specific order, Locke is able to learn many different spells. Locke can queue up a few spells before battle.


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