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Revolution is a puzzle game where the object is to connect all of the gears in a level by dropping a number of additional gears onto the playfield. The number and size of the gears you have to work with varies from level to level, and the leaderboard-based goal is to complete each level as quickly as possible, with the lowest number of gears, and the lowest number of moves. 
The game is similar to Playful Art's work on the iPhone, specifically a game known as Geared
Levels consist of the following elements:
  • Moving Gear: Each level has a gear that is always rotating. This gear cannot be moved.
  • Star Gears: Each level contains one or more gears with stars on them. These gears must be connected to the moving gear in order to complete the level. These gears cannot be moved.
  • Toolbox Gears: To connect the moving gear to the star gears, the player is given a toolbox filled with one or more gears of various sizes. These gears can be freely dragged around the level by the player, but are subject to gravity -- when the player releases a gear, it will fall unless it is supported by another gear.
  • No-Gear Zones: Some gears contain white zones in which gears cannot be placed. Unlike the similar zones in Geared, the player cannot even place gears in these zones by dropping them from above; the gear will come to a stop at the top border of the zone.
The player has a Reset button that can be used to put all the toolbox gears back in the toolbox. During the first playthrough of each level set, the Reset button does not reset the timer. One the player has completed all the levels in a level set, the Reset button will reset the timer to zero, allowing the player to go for fast completion times in that level set.

Revolution is an Xbox Live-enabled Windows Phone 7 release and, as such, it has 200 achievement points to be earned by dedicated players.

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