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    Revolver Ocelot

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    Revolver Ocelot, aka Shalashaska, real name Adam, appears in the the Metal Gear Solid series with often unclear motives.

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    Revolver Ocelot is one of the primary characters in the Metal Gear Solid series. His motives are largely unknown until the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. He is voiced by Patric Zimmerman, and by Kōji Totani and Banjo Ginga in the Japanese version.


    Metal Gear Solid


    In Metal Gear Solid, Revolver Ocelot is one of the members of the rogue FOXHOUND unit which takes over a nuclear disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island. It appears as if Ocelot is the second in command, after the terrorist leader, Liquid Snake. After a battle with Solid Snake, a mysterious Cyborg Ninja appears, cutting off Ocelot's arm. Later in the game, Ocelot is in charge of the torture of Solid Snake, in the scene that would decide the ending of the game (submitting to the torture would mean the death of Meryl). He had previously tortured the DARPA chief Donald Anderson, in order to find out his code to enable to launch nukes with Metal Gear REX but had gone too far and killed him. The DARPA chief who died of FOXDIE in front of Snake was Decoy Octopus in disguise. At the end of the game, it becomes clear that Ocelot is the only survivor of FOXHOUND (unaffected by the FOXDIE virus); the game's conclusion is a conversation he has with an unidentified man about the aftermath of the incident. This man turns out to be the president of the USA, and is eventually revealed to be a third son of Big Boss, Solidus Snake. Post-MGS, Ocelot proceeds to sell the Metal Gear REX blueprints on the black market.

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

    Revolver Ocelot.
    Revolver Ocelot.

    Revolver Ocelot reappears in Metal Gear Solid 2. This time, he is introduced as the leader of a Russian terrorist group, alongside long-time friend Sergei Gurlukovich. They hijack a USMC Tanker, seeking to steal a new Metal Gear prototype, codenamed RAY. In the process of stealing RAY, Ocelot betrays his comrades, making off with RAY on his own in the name of The Patriots, but only after sinking the Tanker. After a brief discussion with "Mr President" (Solidus Snake had long since given up the presidency and gone underground) Ocelot disappeared into the ocean.

    Liquid Ocelot (Liquid)

    During this time, the infamous Liquid Ocelot (Liquid) makes his first appearance in front of a stunned Solid Snake. To replace the arm he lost at Shadow Moses, Ocelot went to Lyon, France prior to the Tanker incident to have the late Liquid Snake's arm grafted on to his being. Unfortunately this results in the dormant mind of Liquid Snake talking over Ocelot.

    Two years later, during the Big Shell Incident, Ocelot joins the terrorist organization ' Sons of Liberty,' which is lead by Solidus Snake, when they take over the Big Shell - a facility built to deal with the enviromental hazards posed by the Tanker Incident. He is deeply involved in the bigger twists of the plot; the Cyborg Ninja's reappearance, being present at the death of Raiden's informant Richard Ames, and murdering the president James Johnson.

    Towards the end of the game Ocelot explains to everyone that the events that transpired at the Big Shell are nothing more than a training kernel for the S3 plan created by The Patriots, which Ocelot believes to stand for "Solid Snake Simulation". To do this, everything leading to Raiden's final confrontation with Arsenal Gear was staged to serve as a recreation of Shadow Moses; Dead Cell's presence , the appearance of a new Cyborg ninja, the President and Ames' abrupt deaths, and finally a digital counterpart to the FOXDIE virus. He does concede that Snake's presence greatly skewed the results of the experiment, and takes "off to bury The Patriots for good" after being possessed by Liquid Snake once again.

    Ocelot was not seen again in the game but he was referred to by the A.I. that had assumed control after GW had been wiped out. It seems Ocelot was, "not told the entire truth to say the least." The S3 plan actually stood for "Selection for Societal Sanity." It was a plan to test an A.I's ability to control and manipulate a person (and eventually a nation) into following their orders through information and circumstance, leaving Ocelot's place in the hierarchy of The Patriots in question at the end of the game.

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

    Ocelot as a GRU Major.
    Ocelot as a GRU Major.

    In an ironic twist Ocelot is introduced to the weapon that has become his trademark by his nemesis' father during Operation Snake Eater in 1964. Naked Snake easily subdues him in their first encounter, and suggests that he switch to using a revolver as it suits his shooting style best. Ocelot is already an accomplished soldier in his early twenties, as he is already attained the rank of Major and is the leader of a Special Forces Unit (Ocelots) for the GRU. He battles Naked Snake again on a number of occasions. It becomes apparent eventually that he holds Naked Snake in high esteem, and deeply respects his fighting prowess. Ocelot acquires an appreciation for torture when he watched Colonel Volgin torture Snake, calling it "the ultimate form of expression." During this time Ocelot accidentally gives Snake the infamous eye injury that forces him to wear the iconic eye-patch, commonly associated with his legacy as Big Boss.

    As the events of the game unfold Ocelot once again takes centre stage, as he is revealed to be the lost son of The Boss and The Sorrow (the long dead member of The Cobra Unit, who had the abilities to talk to the dead when he was alive and keep his spirit in the world of the living when he was dead), which goes a long way in explaining his fine soldiering abilities and the reason why Liquid Snake could take over his body many years later. The phone call during the game epilogue reveals that he was Adam, the KGB informant meant to assist Snake in his mission. It is also revealed that he had been working for the USA all along as a triple agent, seeking to help it secure the Philosopher's Legacy (and giving EVA, the Chinese triple agent of the game, a fake Philosopher's Legacy). It remains unclear if Ocelot knew anything about his lineage.

    Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

    Ocelot plays a relatively minor role in terms of the game itself here. He is in league with the commander of the rogue FOX unit, Gene, who could be seen communicating with Ocelot about Big Boss and a certain plan that involved a benefactor who had "the same codename as Null."

    Ocelot can be heard talking to Zero during the game's epilogue after killing his superiors at the DCI (ending The Philosophers organisation) about inviting Big Boss to form The Patriots.

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

    Act 1 - Liquid Sun: Running the Outer Haven PMC Mother Company

    Liquid Ocelot.
    Liquid Ocelot.

    After staying underground since the events of Metal Gear Solid 2, Ocelot reappears in the Middle East in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots. By this time, Liquid Snake has almost fully taken control of his mind and body, and he is called Liquid Ocelot. Liquid Ocelot is running a number of Private Military Companies who are all under the direction of Outer Haven. He arrives in the Middle East to conduct tests on his soldiers using body samples of himself, and to assert control of the Sons of the Patriots system. By doing so, he would have unilateral control of the world's ID tagged small arms, and the emotional controls over PMC soldiers.

    Act 2 - Solid Sun: Experimenting with PMC soldiers

    All this is facilitated by the A.I. GW, which was restored after the Big Shell Incident and now functioning as a sleeper agent within the Patriots A.I. network. Liquid Ocelot then used (Old) Solid Snake's genetic pattern in South Africa, but this was met with failure as the PMC soldiers lost their minds. It became increasingly clear to him that only a perfect DNA sample of Big Boss would prove to be the key to gain access to the A.I. network and unlock the SOP system.

    Act 3 - Third Sun: The truth of the Patriots

    In Act 3, set in Eastern Europe, EVA eventually reveals to Old Snake that the founders of the Patriots were Major Zero (the Null that Ocelot collaborated with in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops), Big Boss, Ocelot, Sigint, Paramedic and EVA. As well as the relevation that she was his (surrogate) mother.

    An internal conflict soon erupted into a secret war between Zero and Big Boss, as they had conflicting opinions as to how to exactly fulfill The Boss' dream of a united world. EVA and Ocelot (in secret) sided with Big Boss when he left the Patriots, disgusted by the Les Enfant Terribles project. Ocelot continued to follow Zero's orders after EVA had gone underground, and fed this intelligence to Big Boss while he continued his work as a spy in Russia.

    Ocelot then became infuriated when he learnt that Zero had captured Big Boss's charred remains (following the events of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake), implanted him with nanomachines and artificially kept him alive. Thus, Ocelot and EVA put plans in motion to free him. EVA eventually freed Big Boss many years later after MGS2 with the help of information Raiden found in GW and acquired the remains of Solidus Snake and Liquid Snake, using them to reconstruct Big Boss's body.

    The two Patriot members in their way were Sigint and Paramedic. After Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Gray Fox's body was also captured by Zero, who gave him to Paramedic (going under the name of Dr. Clark) to perform experiments on him and turn him into the Cyborg Ninja. Gray Fox broke free and killed Paramedic prior to MGS1. During MGS1 Ocelot himself killed Sigint (The DARPA Chief) while pretending to have accidentally tortured him to death in an attempt to get the Metal Gear REX launch codes. All that remained were Zero and his A.I. network. It seemed however, that the group had separated when EVA lost Ocelot to the mind of Liquid Snake. "His body is Ocelot, but his mind is Liquid's."

    Liquid Ocelot (Ocelot)

    It is revealed that in-between MGS2 and MGS4 Ocelot removed Liquid's arm to prevent it from actually asserting control over himself, and had it replaced by a cybernetic prosthetic. Ocelot had not been lost to the mind of Liquid after all. He then used nano-machines, auto-suggestion and hypnotherapy to make himself believe he was actually Liquid Snake to fool the Patriot A.I. network that Liquid Snake was in control.

    In the present day at the end of Act 3, Liquid Ocelot successfully gains complete control of the Sons of the Patriots system and all ID tagged soldiers and small arms functioning under it. He re-branded the system "Guns of the Patriots." At the close of Act 3, EVA died in her son's arms of unknown injuries.

    Act 4 - Twin Suns: The plan in motion

    Liquid Ocelot piloting Metal Gear RAY
    Liquid Ocelot piloting Metal Gear RAY

    As long as the A.I. network commanded by the JD (John Doe) A.I. existed, Zero's location was obscured. As such, he set about manipulating events to trick Snake into uploading the virus created by Naomi Hunter and completed by Sunny Gurlukovich into GW. To do this he returned to Shadow Moses, taking the railgun of Metal Gear REX to make it look as if he planned on using its steath nuke firing ability to destroy JD in space. This included battling Snake and Metal Gear REX, using Metal Gear RAY.

    The fake version of Liquid existed to provide a smokescreen. To make everyone think he was in control and that his intention was to restart the Outer Heaven concept by creating a modern version of the Wild West, once the virus upload was complete. Meanwhile Ocelot's true objective of ending Zero and The Patriots as he and EVA had been working toward lay hidden in the shadows from Snake and subsequently The Patriots A.I. Network.

    Act 5 - Old Sun: Death

    With Big Boss revived he learned of the events leading up to this point from Naomi and with Ocelot the three of them carried out their plan. Naomi died in Shadow Moses after deactivating the nano-machines that were keeping her cancer at bay. With her final message for Snake and Otacon recorded, she died knowing that she stood redeemed and that her mistakes would not be left for the next generation to deal with.

    Her virus wiped out The Patriot A.I. Network, providing Big Boss with the location of Zero. All that was left was for Ocelot to regain control of himself, which he eventually did through a duel with Snake.

    The Patriots however, had one more trick up their sleeve. It became apparent early in the game that Snake had been injected with a new strain of FOXDIE, but who had been programmed for the attack and why? The targets turned out to be all the remaining founders of The Patriots, The A.I. Network intent on taking out Ocelot, Big Boss and EVA, should they ever come back to take The Patriots organisation.

    EVA was the first victim, the previously unknown death caused by a FOXDIE inflicted heart attack. Ocelot was next, as soon as he regained control of himself the FOXDIE in Snake's body activated and killed Ocelot. Big Boss found out, but in a moment of self-reflection, went to Snake with Zero regardless, knowing that his death would mean the "old fools - era of folly is over."

    Big Boss explained Ocelot's plan to Snake. After everything that happened between Big Boss and Zero, The Boss's vision had been achieved by her own son. With everything right again Big Boss willingly gave his life to FOXDIE and said one last goodbye to The Boss.


    • Ocelot/Revolver Ocelot is the only character in the series who is personally acquainted with all four Snakes: the right-hand man for Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake, a friendly rival and secretly looking up to Naked Snake/ Big Boss, and being the nemesis to Solid Snake.
    • Aside from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Ocelot has appeared in all of the Metal Gear Solid games. He has also appeared as a boss more than any other character, as he has been a boss in MGS1, MGS3, and MGS4.
    • Though, in MGS3, both have the rank of Major, Ocelot and Raikov wear different insignia. Raikov's (with a single star) is correct. Ocelot's (with three stars in a triangle and a fourth past the top point of the triangle) is the insignia of a Soviet Captain.
    • In the English version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Patric Zimmerman (the English voice of Revolver Ocelot) voiced Liquid Ocelot. However, in the Japanese version of MGS4 it went differently because Kōji Totani (the Japanese voice of Revolver Ocelot) died in 2006, so Banjo Ginga (the Japanese voice of Liquid Snake) voiced Liquid Ocelot.
    • Ironically, Ocelot's Japanese voice actor in MGS4, Banjo Ginga, also was the Japanese voice of Major Zero, the man who Ocelot and his "true comrades" EVA and Big Boss rebelled against (although it should be noted that Banjo Ginga was also the voice of Liquid Snake in the Japanese version).
    • Ocelot's original appearance in Metal Gear Solid was inspired by the actor Lee Van Cleef. Van Cleef also inspired the appearance of Old Snake.
    • Revolver Ocelot is the only FOXHOUND member to not acquire his codename from FOXHOUND, as he had the name since Operation Snake Eater.
    • There is a distinct difference between Revolver Ocelot's voice and Liquid Ocelot's voice, even though they are the same person, Ocelot's voice is more western while Liquid Ocelot's voice is more menacing..
    • Throughout Operation Snake Eater, there is at least one allusion to Ocelot being a double agent. His codename Ocelot, which as Para-Medic points out, is a species of wild cat that lives in the American continent.

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