Liquid Ocelot's CQC *possible spoilers*

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#1 Posted by Ross (443 posts) -

I was always curious at the end of Act 3 when Ocelot and Snake finally meet up again, how can Ocelot kick Snake's ass when it comes to CQC?  Sure Ocelot has Liquid's right arm attached to him but he was never actually Liquid so he didn't have good CQC.

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Ocelot learned CQC during MGS3 from studying Big Boss (Naked Snake at the time) himself.

*MGS3 *Spoilers*

At the end of the game after the final boss encounter, Ocelot appears on the plane you're escaping in. There's a scene where they're fighting, and by this point Ocelot and Naked Snake are pretty evenly matched, whereas he got owned near the start of the game.

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#3 Posted by Ross (443 posts) -

Oh yeah I completely forgot about that lol.  Thanks man.

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#4 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

Well, although the young Ocelot in MGS3 started out as a novice in CQC, he eventually becomes a hardened CQC combatant by the end.
And since he took on Liquid's persona, he would at least have the knowledge of Liquid's formidable hand to hand skills.
Well... that's my theory anyway.

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#5 Posted by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

the game is getting old now stop worrying about spoilers already. 

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