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These are the first multiple shot pistols. While being seen as 'outdated' compared to modern, semi-automatic pistols, they have several advantages, including:

  • Can be kept loaded indefinitely- semi-auto pistols cannot be kept loaded forever, because the magazine's spring will wear out, and the next shot will not load. Revolvers, not using springs, do not have this problem.
  • Can use cheap, underpowered ammunition. Semi-auto pistols need good ammunition in order to cycle the action. Since revolvers are not self loading, the ammunition quality does not effect the usability of the gun.
  • Can use more powerful ammunition. Most semi auto pistols cannot accept powerful magnum ammunition, like .357 or .44 caliber rounds. These rounds are long and it is difficult to fit them in a grip-based magazine. These rounds are also too powerful for most self-loading actions. Even if a semi-auto pistol is chambered for these rounds, it must be very heavy and have a slow cycle (such as the Desert Eagle).
  • Revolver cylinders goes generally from 5 up 10 cartridges but there is revolvers with more than that mostly in games

Revolver Types

Revolver pistols come in different varieties, differentiated by their structure and reload operation.

Single-Action Revolver

Taurus Raging bull
Taurus Raging bull

Single-action revolvers were the first types of revolver handgun. They require that the hammer be manually drawn back ("cocked") before every shot. This results in a much lower rate of fire than any other semi-automatic model. Many games with a Western or World War I setting feature single-action revolvers. Contrasted to double-action revolvers, the hammer pull can be much shorter, occasionally allowing "quick-draw" experts to use both hands (one to pull the trigger and the other to cock the hammer) and increase their rate of fire beyond that of double-action.

Double-Action Revolver

Mateba m6 autorevolver
Mateba m6 autorevolver

A double-action revolver uses the pull of the trigger to draw back the hammer and release it, allowing the shooter to fire without having to cock the hammer manually. Double-action revolvers can also be referred to as "self-cocking" revolvers, and usually have a longer trigger pull than single-action revolvers. Some revolvers can be operated in both single- and self-cocking mode, and are still referred to as "double-action." Most games do not differentiate between single- and double-action types.


Autorevolvers are recoil-operated, and use the "blowback" action of shooting to cock the hammer, not unlike the operation of regular semi-automatic pistols. A famous Autorevolver example is the Mateba Autorevolver, whose barrel is aligned with the bottom of the chamber instead of the top (to reduce muzzle flip).

Reloading Systems

Top break Revolver
Top break Revolver

Top-break Revolvers

Top-break revolvers have a hinged barrel that "open" forwards when reloading. The "Blue Rose" revolver wielded by Devil May Cry 4's Nero is a break-barrel revolver, as is the Enfield No. 2 Mk. I gun used by Sakura Taisen's Maria Tachibana.

Slide-out Revolvers

Side Out Revolver
Side Out Revolver

This design is typical of most modern revolvers. When reloading, the chamber slides out to the side (the left in the case of right-handed weapons). The Spy's "Ambassador" is a slide-out revolver.

Switching Cylinders

Switching Cylinders Revolver
Switching Cylinders Revolver

This design is used in some revolvers, to reload them we have to replace the revolver's cylinder with an other, this allow a very quick reload, pretty similar to changing magazines in a classic pistol.

Other weapons using revolver mechanisms

revolving shotgun
revolving shotgun

Some weapons tends to use revolver mechanisms to their feeding system, these weapons are rifles, shotguns and grenade launchers

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