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Rhombus is the head Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel in 2161. After the previous leader, Maxson II, was killed by a raider group known as the Vipers, Rhombus led a war against the Vipers, wiping them out within a span of a month. During this time, the Brotherhood opened a better trade relationship with the city known as 'the Hub'.
Rhombus is proud, and will promise to train the Vault Dweller when the Super Mutant threat is done with. However, If angered, Rhombus will kick the Vault Dweller out of the Brotherhood without remorse.  

His stern disciplines and strict code of honer really show in the non-canon alternate ending of Fallout, where if he were to be killed by the Vault Dweller during the game, the Brotherhood eventually degrades into a terrorizing menace, the ultimate raider group, now known as the Steel Plague, and go on to devastate the newly formed New California Republic instead of helping it.
It is said that he becomes the next leader of the Brotherhood of Steel after John Maxson dies (as his portrait is shown at the end credits of Fallout).
He also appears in the console-based action-RPG Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, leading a crusade against the Super Mutant army. When the second chapter is completed, Rhombus is unlocked as a playable character.
Rhombus is voiced in Fallout 1 by Clarence J. Brown III.

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