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Richard Burns Rally is a rally racing simulator developed by Warthog Plc and published by SCi Games, it was released in July 2004. Richard Burns Rally is considered by many to be the most realistic rally simulator to date. Despite the game popularity and strong following, a sequel is unlikely due to the tragic death of Richard Burns as a result of a brain tumour in 2005.

Rally School

The game's tutorial mode is a rally school taught by Richard Burns. The classes and challenges of the school are modeled after the very same classes Richard Burns participated in when he was learning to become a rally driver. A few of the techniques taught are left foot braking, the Scandinavian flick, and handbrake turning.


  • Rally Great Britain - Gravel
  • Rally Japan - Gravel
  • Rally Finland - Snow
  • Rally USA - Gravel
  • Rally France - Tarmac

Season Mode

Headquarters - The season mode in RBR Rally differs from most other rally games. You begin first at your team head quarters in Great Britain where you can make setup changes to the car and test it on the rally school course or test yard.

Recce Day - After leaving your headquarters, and arriving at the destination of the rally, you have a Recce day. Recce is short for reconnaissance. You are given an allotted amount of time to drive each of the stages as many times as you like as well as make changes on your car. Recce day is completely optional and the player can skip it if they please.

Race Day - Weather and tire choice are very important in RBR. Before you set out to tackle the stages, you are given a weather forecast that displays the probability of rain. Unlike most rally games where you run a stage, then go to a screen, see its raining, select different tires, then run that stage, RBR makes your choice matter because you have to run 3 to 4 stages with the same tires before you can go back to your garage to change them. So if you see there is a 55% chance of rain, what do you do? Select dry, intermediate, or wet tires? It really makes you weigh your options and adapt to the environment.


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