Richard Garriott promotes Space Lab for Youtube!

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So Richard Garriott (AKA Lord British) is helping promote Youtube's Space Lab program, which gives young students the chance to have their scientific experiments performed live in space!

No where is it mentioned that he's a videogame designer, only that he's the Vice Chairman of Space Adventures, which is a space tourism company for the obscenely rich.

What does the community think? Does seeing one of the videogame greats up promoting it make people more interested in Space Lab?

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Fuck no, he's simply a very wealthy person who wants to get into space, and there are many of these people around the world.

Young people aren't going to be engaged by the likes of him, what they are going to be engaged by is someone who shows genuine passion and understanding of Astrophysics. Someone like, Professor Brian Cox, who's made the subject far less daunting to young people, by making it so much more easier to understand.

(Buy the book and watch the BBC series on Youtube)

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I'd much rather see this legend in space: (Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore)

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