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    Rick Taylor

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    Rick Taylor is the anti-hero of Splatterhouse. Originally just a normal 23 year old student, but by making a deal with the terror mask he is given power and strength. He can wield a wide arrange of weapons including 2x4s, pipes, swords and shotguns.

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    Rick Taylor is the anti hero of the game Splatterhouse. Originally just a 23 year old college student until one night his girlfriend Jennifer Willis has a interview with Dr. Henry west and rick is fatally wounded and comes across the Terror mask... and the mask calls out to him. It feeds on his fears and gives him strength and power, all to save his girlfriend. Rick's mask is also powered by "necro energy" (the energy of the dead) he uses his splatter siphon technique to siphon blood from defeated monsters making him almost invincible. Rick is also rebellious enough that he won't let the mask take complete control over him. The mask can only take over at certain times but Rick is still in control. As time goes on Rick learns more abilities and becomes quite the fighter. The "regular" form of Rick is a more muscular version which the mask makes by feeding off of his fears and desires making them his strengths.


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