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Ricky is a crowd favorite on the slopes, known for his excellent technique and his supreme sky high jumps, but this young up and comer wasn't always looked upon so fondly. Ricky started in the shadow of his illustrious father, Benedict Winterborn. Mr. Winterborn started out as a ski instructor on the hills of Ten Eighty for a few summers in the early 1980's. He was recognized for his natural gifts and quickly rose to the top, getting noticed by upper management and soon qualifying for the Ten Eighty Regional Championship. It was there that Mr. Winterborn was stricken with tragedy as his Rival, Darnel Blaster, clipped him in the leg on a sharp term, breaking Benedict's leg, and ending his career. After an extensive settlement, Benedict moved on and started a family of his own. He swore he would never let his son Rickey ski, but despite his best efforts, Ricky took to snowboarding. Ricky has vowed to prove himself beyond the accomplishments or wealth of his father and to exact revenge on Dion Blaster for the crimes against his family.

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