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Master Sergeant Ricardo Velasquez

General Information

  • Position:  "Rico" is Team Leader of the ISA Vekta Special Forces Team Alpha. 
  • Age:  30
  • Military Affiliation:  ISA Vekta Army
  • Personality:  Honorable, unsophisticated, vengeful, loyal, selfless
  • Personal Goals/Aims:  Rico still harbors deep resentment towards the Helghast for the loss of his original Regular Army squad during the initial invasion of Vekta. This anger is believed to be fueled by survivor's guilt and reinforced by countless aggressive encounters since the original massacre. It is not certain precisely how much Helghast blood will be required to quench Rico's thirst for vengeance.

In trailers for Killzone 3 Rico is depicted as having a long Afro hairdo, unlike his previous short mititary haircut, possibly as a result of the unexpected prolonged stay of ISA troops in the planet Helghan, with ISA forces in disarray and facing overwhelming odds against the resurgent Helghast forces.

Alpha Team: Dante Garza,
Alpha Team: Dante Garza, "Sev" Tomas Sevchenko, Shawn Natko, Rico Velasquez

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