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Riddick Bowe Boxing is a boxing game from Malibu Interactive and is licensed by former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe. It is based heavily on the 1992 Sega Genesis licensed boxing game Evander Holyfield's "Real Deal Boxing and includes many of the same systems as well as the horizontal perspective that shows both boxers, though the title boxer has been changed and the graphics have become more cartoonish and light.

It was published on the Super Nintendo in the US by Extreme Entertainment Group and in Japan by Micronet. There was no European release.

The game was released in Mexico by American Softworks with the name Chavez, putting Julio Cesar Chavez in the title role instead of Riddick Bowe. Chavez is largely identical to Riddick Bowe Boxing, except for the title screen, main character and being exclusively in Spanish. There was also a Chavez II, which was originally Boxing Legends of the Ring after it had undergone a similar superficial facelift.

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