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Ridge Racer for the Nintendo 3DS contains new versions of old courses as well as all-new tracks. Existing cars will join all-new designs across the standard four categories of vehicles. Vehicle names and sponsors reference a variety of Namco's classic games like the Lucky and Wild manufacturer and DigDugDiving or Mokujin sponsors.
Standard and one-button drift controls are available in Ridge Racer 3D. Standard controls for drifting use a combination of gas and brake to manage angle of drift. In one-button drift mode you simply hold the drift button and steer to control your car in a drift. 

The game uses the 3DS camera to take a shot of the player to be used as a multiplayer icon. Multiplayer allows up to four players to compete locally, but no online modes are supported. RR3D also contains StreetPass support, allowing strangers to exchange lap times and ghost data. 

Vehicle Customization

The game uses a currency system based on race performance. You can use the currency to buy new cars or upgraded versions of cars in your garage. You can also purchase support items that can make nitrous available immediately at the start of a race, give you an automatic full throttle race start, or enable rocket starts that increase the maximum speed of your vehicle. 

Vehicles can be further customized with 3 types of nitrous, body designs, and colors/paint styles. Nitrous can be adjusted to build faster during either regular drift or ultimate charge, with the charge amount reduced for the opposite style. Each car has a variety of body designs with different racing stripes or sponsor stickers. Car color can also be customized and modified to be metallic, flat, or pearlescent. 

Game Modes

Single Player

  • Grand Prix: Proceed through a series of "race events".  

  • Quick Tour: For short gameplay sessions, you can choose your play time from 3 minutes to a half hour. You choose a generalized course type and the game randomly generates a tour for you to play in the time you have available.
  • Standard Race: Race categories unlocked in Grand Prix mode can be raced freely. Any course or vehicle can be chosen and played.
  • One Make Race:  Select the course and machine of your choice from those unlocked in the grand prix mode and race against 7 opponents all using the same machine. 
  • Time Attack:  Select the course and machine of your choice from those unlocked in the grand prix mode and aim for the fastest time in 3 laps. 
  • StreetPass Duel: Race 1-on-1 against a Duel Ghost. 


(2-4 players local only) 
Versus consists of 3 different race types. Standard and One Make Race as described above and Team Battle where 2 teams of 3-4 players race each other. 

AV Player

The AV player allows you to listen to music while replays you have saved or default replays are shown. 

Car List

  • Himmel EO 
  • Danver HJ6000  
  • Danver HiNight
  • Lucky & Wild Evolver  
  • Lucky & Wild  Wisdom 
  • Lucky & Wild Eruption
  • Kamata Fiera  
  • Kamata RC410
  • Age Prophetie 
  • Terrazi WildGang 
  • Terrazi Starnose 
  • Assoluuto Fatalita 

Track List

  • Downtown Rave City 
  • Seacrest District 
  • Surfside Resort 
  • Mist Falls 
  • Shadow Caves 
  • Midtown Parkway 
  • Redstone Thunder Road 
  • Oceanfront Cruise Way 
  • Silver Mountain Skyway 
  • EX Revolution Road 
  • Sunset Drive 
  • Mythical Coast 
  • Union Hill District 
  • Seaside Route 765 
  • Rave City Riverfront 


Disc 1
01. Psychokinesis/ SamplingMasters MEGA
02. Stream of Lights / Hiroshi Okubo
03. Venomous / Rio Hamamoto
04. Heat Shadows / Rio Hamamoto
05. Phantasize / Ryo Watanabe

Disc 2
01. NOx Warheads / SamplingMasters AYA
02. Rolling Glider / Keiichi Okabe
03. Nitro Right Now / Taku Inoue
04. Burn Up The Road / Hiroshi Okubo
05. Angel Halo / Rio Hamamoto

Disc 3
01. Call of Aspara / SamplingMasters AYA
02. My Crazy Chainsaw / SamplingMasters AYA
03. Aberration / Linda AI-CUE
04. Napalm Sled / SamplingMasters AYA
05. Dr. Mad's Gone / SamplingMasters MEGA

Disc 4
01. Ridge Racer / Megaten
02. Drive U 2 Dancing Remix / AYA
03. Euphoria / AYA
04. Rotten7 Remix / Megaten
05. M.T.T.B. Hiroshi Okubo

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