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    Ridge Racer 6

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 14, 2005

    Ridge Racer 6 is an Xbox 360 launch title, and the first Ridge Racer to feature online multiplayer and leaderboards.

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    The original tour de centrifugal in drift racing is leaving its imitators in the dust. Ridge Racer 6 for the Xbox 360 puts you behind the wheel of the latest, ultra-high performance machines. Punch the evolved nitrous system and leave more than the awe-inspiring scenery in your rear-view mirror.



    Airport Lap, Aviator Loop, Southbay Docks


    Harborline 765, Island Circle, Midtown Parkway


    Highland Cliffs, Lakeshore Drive, Laketop Parkway


    Seacrest District, Sunset Heights, Surfside Resort

    Rave City:

    Downtown Rave City, Rave City Riverfront, Crossbay Tunnel


    • Valley of the Mind - Shinji Hosoe
    • Nitro Mantra - Ayako Saso
    • I Want You - Ayako Saso
    • Road Mauler - Rio Hamamoto
    • Floodlight - Sano "Sanodg"
    • Drift Psychosis - Hiroshi Okubo
    • Sueno Del Mar - Asuka Sakai
    • Trail of Light - J99
    • Ultra Cruise - Tetsukazu Nakanishi
    • Highway Fusion - Shinji Hosoe
    • Acid Eutron #001 - Yu Miyake "Acid Eutron"
    • Radiance - Sano "Sanodg"
    • Photon Field - Koji Nakagawa
    • Galactic Life - Kohta
    • Explorers - Hiroshi Okubo
    • Find Your Way - Hiroshi Okubo
    • Chasing All My Dreams - Hiroshi Okubo

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