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RR6 is a decent launch game for the 360, but could be better

Ridge Racer 6 is a highly addictive game, and in my opinion the best game in the Ridge Racer series, once you get deep into the World Xplorer mode, which is the core of the game.

Ridge Racer 6's gameplay is decent, but with a little more effort by Namco it could be much better. One of the problems with RR6's in game play is that when you overdrive, or "mess up" entering a turn, your car goes straight into the wall, bouncing off of it at a 90 degree angle the entire way around, rather than it rim riding around. Also, the AI is extremely slow, and they always run a specific line on the track, even if you're in the way of it. That means that sometimes in a turn they'll slam you into a wall in their efforts to maintain their line. I also don't like Namco's concept of no car damage in the game. I don't want major damage affects, but some tire marks, scrapped paint, and cracked windshields due to rough racing would be nice.

Ridge Racer 6's graphics are outstanding for a game that was released with the launch of the Xbox 360, but like with most every game there's some little details that could be made to improve them. By this I mean more realistic looking tracks, so they look more "believable" even though you'd never see a race on a track like it in real life. I do have to say that the cars look very colorful and realistic, along with the water effects are on the tracks that cross vast bodies of water. 

RR6's sound is above average compared to most games of it's kind, but like with it's gameplay and graphics, it could be better. The game soundtrack is pitiful. The soundtracks and sound effects in Namco's arcade classics like Pacman and Galaga are better. In fact, one of the "songs" in the game is the Galaga theme song. The soundtrack is so bad, that most of the time I just use the custom soundtracks that I have saved on my 360. I do have to say that the game's sound effects, like the cars motors and screeching tires.

Ridge Racer 6 has 36 achievements. Most of them are secret achievements. To find out how to unlock them, check out achieve360points.com's achievement guide for the game. Most of the achievements are time consuming, but once you get to the point where you can unlock them they're easy to get.

All in all, Ridge Racer 6 is a decent game, but because of it's outdated quality and value, I don't recommend you buy it, unless you're really into racing games or the Ridge Racer series in general. The only reason I own the game is becuase I got it as a Christmas gift

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