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Ridge Racer was a launch title for Sony's Playstation Portable. It features 12 courses (also available in reverse) which can be played through in career (in which new cars and tracks are unlocked as you play), single race, time attack or multiplayer modes. All of the courses are remastered versions of courses from previous Ridge Racer series titles, the two exceptions being ''Silvercreek Dam'' and ''Downtown Rave City'' -- These are 2 all new courses which are based upon, and even run through portions of, two tracks from Rave Racer -- which are included as well, with the names ''Greenpeak Highlands'' and ''Midtown Expressway''.

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Ridge Racer features the same arcade drifting the series is known for, as well as including a new ' nitrous boost' feature. Player can select cars with either 'Standard', 'Mild' or 'Dynamic' drift types, which greatly impacts the ease at which the car enters into drift mode. Not only is drifting the only way to get around corners while barely losing any speed, but in Ridge Racer it will now build up boost, which can then be used to temporarily increase the speed of your car once a full tank has been filled.

PSN Controversy

Some PSP users who purchased and downloaded Ridge Racer from Playstation Network discovered that the music skips in the PSN version of this game.

iOS versions

Ridge Racer Accelerated for iPhone and iPad is essentially a port of this very game, albeit with courses missing. To make up for the missing courses, some courses from Ridge Racer 2 (PSP) are included instead. The iPad version also has online time trial leaderboards, whereas the PSP version has no online functionality at all.

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