UK Cartridge / PSN version content on purchase?

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So, i'm eyeing up this game for purchase on either PSN or go buying it from the store, and while i know the Japanese version was very light on content i could have sworn that somewhere i read that the UK / European version that came out a few weeks ago gets a DLC code for a little bit more content than what was found in the JAP version. (Not to be confused with the announcement that the US version is getting a gold pass ... or maybe it's the same thing that you get)

Now i'm wondering has anybody from the UK or EUR actually bought this game at all off either PSN or the Cart version and if so, what content did you get in it? Also ... is it worth the £16.99 for the PSN version / £17.99 for the Cart version?

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I bought the UK cart and it came with 3 courses, and i think 5 cars. It also came with a code for the Gold Pass (which costs about £5.49 on PSN) and a discount voucher for Katamari (£7 off i think). The Gold pass so far has given 2 extra cars and 1 extra course, and about 40 music tracks, that all need to be downloaded onto a memory card. I think in total, there will be a 3rd car and a 2nd course entitlement with the gold pass.

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