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    Rifle Grenade

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    An explosive made to be fired out of a rifle barrel. They can be launched farther than if it were to be thrown by hand.

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     A rifle grenade is an explosive device that is propelled by a Rifle. Usually, a blank cartridge (often ignored in games) is used to give the grenade the thrust and propulsion required to launch. Using a rifle grenade disables the rifle function because the grenade occupies the rifle barrel before launch, and the ammo magazine must be removed to allow for firing the blank.
    Modern rifle grenades can be launched with a normal bullet, the grenade in question uses a cavity to trap the bullet and use its kinetic energy (in addition to the propellant gases) to launch the grenade, this uses one bullet and once the grenade is launched the rifle can be used as normal, a well known example is the Simon breaching grenade.
    A rifle grenade can be adapted to several different rifles. It transforms the rifle into a Muzzle-loaded, single-shot grenade launcher. Similar to an under-barrel grenade launcher the grenade is often equipped with a timed impact fuse.
    It can be used with semi-automatic rifles such as the M1 Garand, assault rifles, like the M16 or the FAMAS, or shotguns which use less lethal grenades.


    • A stick that fits down the interior of the rifle barrel.
    • A cup or special adapter that is fitted on the end of the rifle muzzle.

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