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A Great Game, Just Don't Expect a Revolution 11

(This was originally a forum post I made, but it was suggested that I post it in reviews, so while I don't necessarily consider this up to "review" standards, here it is.)  Rift is very good.  Just don't expect it to be anything revolutionary.  People who don't like World of Warcraft's general gameplay mechanics won't like it.  I guess that should just be said right off the bat.  It's a lot like WoW.  Some people kid themselves about this, but I will not.  Whether that's good or bad is up to...

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Rift - First Impressions 0

  Rift Box Art  As some of you may know, I'm a pretty big MMORPG gamer. What's an MMORPG? An MMORPG is a massive multiplayer online role playing game. Think World of Warcraft and you'll understand. Basically any game where you have a bunch of people simultaneously playing and "living" in a world performing actions that both shape it and build upon it, be it economy, dungeons, socially, etc. It's a fascinating thing to experience a living breathing MMO and one thing I have really come to enjoy ...

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Rift Review 0

Rift is the perfect MMO out there for any newcomer into the genre. For veterans, everything you’d hope to be here is, yet it will all grow old on you very quick. Rift’s claims that “we’re not in Azeroth anymore” grows true to the technical meaning, but in reality the entirety of your adventure in Telara will feel like one long deja vu moment.The game seemingly took everything you loved and adored about other MMOs such as World of Warcraft or Warhammer and put their ideas into one blender and mi...

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Rift Review: Hole in One 0

Rift is like a new set of golf clubs that fits your hands perfectly. In the video gaming industry, there's a pretty hotly-debated discussion of iteration versus innovation. While companies like Activision are happy to deliver a slightly modified upgrade to the Call of Duty franchise every year, a lot of gamers are pretty vocal that they're looking for developers to create something new, rather than iterating on the same formula. This is especially true in the micro-community of ...

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Rift could very well be the first major attempt to disrupt WoW. 0

From first sight of Rift’s marketing campaign – ‘We’re Not in Azeroth Anymore’ – it’s clear that Trion Worlds are aiming Rift directly at the World of Warcraft fan-base. In fact, a quick glance at some ofRift’s screenshots might leave you with the impression that it’s just a shiny clone of Blizzards phenomenally popular MMO. And while that may sound like a death wish on Trion’s part, they’re packing a pretty mean punch with Rift. Rift is probably one of the only MMORPGs to release as such a soli...

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