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    Rika Suzuki

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    A game designer and scenario writer famous for her work in the adventure genre. She is also the co-founder of both Riverhill Soft and Cing inc.

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    An early pioneer in Japan's adventure genre, Rika Suzuki (鈴木 理香) began her working career at Sanrio's design department before eventually finding her way into the game industry after co-founding Riverhill Soft with Kazuhiro Okazaki in 1983. After producing several early adventure titles, such as Kuronekosou Souzoku Satsujin Jiken, she would eventually become famous for creating the J.B. Harold and 1920 Series in the mid-80s and 90s. Later Suzuki would help found CiNG with Takuya Miyagawa in 1999 where she wrote and designed the Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk franchises with Nintendo. Following the bankruptcy of CiNG in 2010, she continued writing online novels at Bellwood, a company she formed in April 2009. Years later, Suzuki returned to the game industry in 2017 as a scenario writer for a mobile RPG called Black Rose Suspects in 2017 and have since worked on a few other titles including Another Code Recollection in 2024 and the upcoming Dark Auction. Rika Suzuki has also lectured at schools like the Human Academy in Tokyo and contributed to a book about creating video games called "Game Planning And Design Textbook: How To Make Our Games" in 2018. In 2022, Suzuki also became an honorary member of the Game Preservation Society.

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