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Rikako is one of the very few believers of science in Gensokyo, however, she is also a very powerful magic user. Despite her dislike for magic, she believes science alone won't get her far, so she opts to mix both for a powerful result. She believes that science is what created the ruins that appear in Touhou 03 - Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream.

She has purple hair and eyes, and she wears a white labcoat with a yellow ribbon at the collar, a white ribbon in her hair, and small, round glasses.


  • Rikako looks similar and has a similar name to Rika, one of the bosses from Touhou 02 - The Story of Eastern Wonderland. There is a chance that she may be the same character, or related to her.
  • She is the only character in the series that wears glasses.


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