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Rima first appears in Brütal Legend when she and the Zaulia find Eddie, Lita and The Baron in the jungle, shortly after they have rounded up a small number of metal beasts. The Zaulia capture the three at spear-point and imprison them in a cage. Eddie tells Rima that he came to the jungle to recruit the Zaulia into his army, at which point Rima orders the cage to be ignited by a metal beast and states that the Zaulia are already an army which he and the other two are not welcome in. However, Eddie uses his guitar to extinguish the flames and raise an ancient jungle relic within the cage.  The pictures on the relic depict an ancient warrior which Rima at first asks if Eddie is, but Eddie states that the man depicted in the pictures is his father and it is revealed that Eddie is the son of an ancient hero, called Riggnarok. Eddie asks Rima once again if the Zaulia will join his army and with the knowledge that Eddie is the son of Riggnarok, Rima accepts his offer. Eddie and Rima then escort the bus carrying the Zaulia and Ironheade out of the swamp, riding a metal beast and combating the Drowning Doom which attack them. At one point Rima also states that she believes Eddie would make a good mate, were he not in love with Ophelia


  • Rima is voiced by Lita Ford.
  • Rima bears similarity to the character Rima the Jungle Girl, a heroine who appeared in a number of adventure novels and had her own series of comics books, published by DC Comics.
  • The Baron jokes to Eddie at one point that he "shacked up" with Rima, but then admits he didn't, saying that she probably "lives in a pile of leaves".

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