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Beautiful game but a real chore to play.

Beautiful game but a real chore to play.

I played this game on my Xbox One and the performance was outstandingly bad, inconsistent frame rate, stuttering, it really ruined the game for me, I think if I had played on PC it would have been somewhat better.

The world is beautiful, lots of variety in all the different areas you get to explore.

The controls seemed really mushy, I missed a lot of easy jumps and lots of running into walls and stuff, it got really annoying the longer I played.

The implied story was essentially nonexistent for the majority of the game and led to a conclusion that felt undeserved. Don’t hide your story behind out of the way collectibles that are easily missed.

I found this game of all places at my local library, I had wanted to play it but the $40 price bothered me, now I know why, it would have drove me bananas if I had paid full price for this game.

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