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Rin is the latest in line of the distinguished Tohsaka magus family. She inherited her family's role as the supervisor of Fuyuki City. Rin is responsible for maintaining the peace of the city. Strong willed, witty and stubborn, Rin has a strong competitive nature and likes to win. Intelligent and excellent at planning and magecraft, but she tends to be rashful sometimes.

At school, Rin presents herself as a model student, making approaching her a daunting task. This image is used to repel any attention directed towards her in order to keep her identity as a magus secret.

General Information:

  • Birthday: February 4
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 159 cm
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • B77 / W57 / H80


Young Rin
Young Rin

Around 200 years prior, the Tohsaka family, Makiri family, and Einzbern family worked together to initiate the Fuyuki Holy Grail War. The Tohsaka family specializes in imbuing objects with magical energy, and was responsible for creating the Servant system. The Tohsaka family also owned the land of Fuyuki which was rich in magical energy, thus they provided the land to summon the Holy Grail and to conduct the Holy Grail Wars.

Rin's father was a participant in the fourth Holy Grail War. He lost his life there and Rin was given to the care of Kotomine who taught her magic. She didn't like him very much though.

Fate/Stay Night

Fate/Stay Night's prologue was told through Rin's eyes before the role of main character was passed to Shirou.


First Impressions
First Impressions

Kotomine pestered Rin to summon a Servant since she had already been officiated as a participant of the war. On February 1st at 1 am, Rin performed a ceremony to summon Saber, but she obtained Archer instead. He crashed into her living room, obliterating it. Rin was infuriated by Archer's sarcastic and condescending attitude and she consumed a Command Spell to bend him to her will. She then ordered him to clean up the living room.

Rin explained that she had no wish to make upon obtaining the Holy Grail, and that she had only participated to uphold her family's honor and her pride to excel in everything she involved herself in.

That night, Rin brought Archer around town. Near the Matou house, they witnessed Sakura talking to Gilgamesh. They have not seen him before and Archer could not identify him as a Servant.

The next day, Archer turned to spirit form to follow Rin to school. She noticed that there is a boundary field surrounding the school. That night, she remained at school to dispel the boundary field, but she was ambushed by Lancer. Archer dueled Lancer but they noticed Shirou watching the fight. Lancer then hunted him down and killed him to follow the rules of the Holy Grail War to not allow any witnesses of the war.

Rin's healing pendant
Rin's healing pendant

Rin sent Archer to chase after Lancer to discover his Master. She found Shirou near dead in school. Rin was crushed with guilt because she knew that he was a close friend of Sakura's. She spend a healing pendant to revive him and returned home. Archer returned shortly after and reported that he had lost track of Lancer. Archer then gave her his pendant that is exactly like the one she left behind, claiming that he picked it up and returned it to her.

Rin then suddenly realized that Lancer would not let Shirou live and she ran to his house. She and Archer ran into Saber and she struck Archer down. If the story follows the Fate route, Rin consumed a Command Spell to turn Archer into spirit form to save him. On the Unlimited Blade Works route, Shirou stopped Saber's attack at the cost of one of his Command Spells.


Rin acted as Shirou's adviser and combat partner. She was their strategist and taught him magic. On February 12th, Shirou was kidnapped by Illyasviel. Archer chose to hold off Berserker to allow Rin, Shirou, and Saber to escape. Rin was sad that she lost Archer and her chance to win the war.

Rin attacking Berserker
Rin attacking Berserker

The next day, Rin, Shirou, and Saber fought against Berserker. Rin tried to use her magic gems to blow Berserker's head off, but Illyasviel explained that Berserker has 12 lives.

Later, Kotomine and Gilgamesh attacked Shirou's home to kidnap Illyasviel. Rin was severely injured as she tried to protect Illyasviel. She explained that Illyasviel was the vessel of the Holy Grail and that Kotomine and Gilgamesh needed the grounds of Ryudou Temple to summon the contents of the Holy Grail. Rin lent Shirou her Azoth Dagger for his fight against Kotomine.

Unlimited Blade Works

After Saber's duel against Berserker, Rin brought Shirou to his home to patch him up. After witnessing that Archer was willing to endanger Saber to kill Berserker, Shirou decided to fight the war alone.

Rin's Magic Crest
Rin's Magic Crest

On February 6th, Rin attacked Shirou at school and demanded his Command Spells and his Servant Saber. Shirou discovered a schoolmate who was attacked by Rider and Rin decided to ally with Shirou to defeat Rider to protect the school.

The next night, Archer returned badly injured after dueling both Caster and Assassin. Rin pressured Archer to spill the beans then consumed a Command Spell to prevent him from harming Shirou. She also started to have dreams of Archer's past where he became frustrated by his ideals.

The following day, Rin moved in with Shirou to protect him from further threats. Later at school, the boundary field was activated, draining the students there of their life energy. She became sickly when she saw their lifeless bodies. Rin and Shirou then discovered that Rider had already been killed and that Shinji was her Master, infuriated by her weakness. Rin then suspected that it was Caster's doing and that her Master is probably someone from Ryudou Temple.

2 days later, Archer pressured Rin to defeat Shirou. That night, Rin and Shirou ambushed Souichirou Kuzuki, her homeroom teacher. In the bad ending in that encounter, Rin was decapitated by Kuzuki's fist.

2 days later, Rin stole Shirou's bread to make lunch and dragged him on a date with Saber tagging along. When they returned, they found Caster holding Fujimura hostage, demanding Shirou's Command Spells. Saber tried to attack Caster but Caster used her Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker to break Saber's contract with Shirou and took her as her Servant.

That night, Rin voiced her suspicion that Archer might be attracted to Saber. Rin then re-affirms her desire to maintain her order on Archer to not harm Shirou until she had confirmed that he had left the war.

Shirou and Rin
Shirou and Rin

The next day, Rin had learned all about Archer's past. Rin and Archer confronted Caster at the church. Archer then decided to betray Rin and sided with Caster, claiming that she now has the highest chance of winning the war after obtaining Saber. Later, Shirou showed Rin the pendant that he held on to. Rin was surprised because the pendant was the only one of its kind and suspected that Archer is Shirou.

The following day, Rin and Shirou went to Einzbern castle to ask for Illyasviel's help to fight Caster. They found Shinji and Gilgamesh killing Berserker and ripping Illyasviel's heart out. Lancer then approached them, explaining that his Master had sent him to ally with them.

The next day, Rin, Shirou, and Lancer assaulted the church. Rin almost defeated Caster but Kuzuki came to her defense. Caster used another Command Spell to bend Saber to her will. Archer then appeared to kill Caster and Kuzuki. Archer explained that his ultimate goal is to kill Shirou and that he needed Caster's Rule Breaker to escape from Rin's control.

Rin then formed a contract with Saber, making Saber stronger than she was with Shirou due to Rin's tremendous magical energy reserve. Archer then kidnapped Rin and invited Shirou for a duel at the Einzbern castle.

At the Einzbern castle, she discovered that Kotomine was still alive and that he was the Master of Lancer. Kotomine revealed that he had sent Lancer to keep Rin safe and that she was a potential vessel for the Holy Grail. Kotomine then ordered Lancer to kill her but he refused. Kotomine consumed a Command Spell and ordered Lancer to kill himself. Lancer managed to endure and killed Kotomine, injured Shinji, and released Rin. He had also set the castle on fire.

Archer and Rin
Archer and Rin

The next night, Rin, Shirou, and Saber assaulted Ryudou Temple. Rin rescued Shinji from the mass of flesh and was helped by Archer's shower of swords. She then consumed a Command Spell to order Saber to destroy the Holy Grail. Rin saw that Archer had achieved enlightenment and sees him off.

In the normal ending, Saber remained with Shirou and Rin and they lived together. In the true ending, Saber disappears along with the Holy Grail. Rin and Shirou graduates from high school and she invites him to further their studies to the Magic Association in London and to learn magic as her apprentice.

Heaven's Feel

Rin was keeping track of the momentum of the war and learned about the incident at the Ryudou Temple. She sent Shirou to meet Kotomine where he explained the situation and enlisted his help to fight against the black shadow and Zouken Matou. After Shirou lost Saber, Rin allied with him.

Rin wielding the Gemmed Sword of Zelretch
Rin wielding the Gemmed Sword of Zelretch

Rin revealed that Sakura is her biological younger sister who was adopted by the Matou family. Rin voiced her willingness to kill Sakura to keep the city safe. After Illyasviel and Rin lost their Servants Berserker and Archer, they moved in with Shirou to protect each other. Rin placed a ward on Shirou to keep the power in Archer's arm in check.

After Sakura embraced Angra Mainyu, Rin requested Shirou to project a copy of the Gemmed Sword of Zelretch for her to wield against Sakura. In her duel against Sakura, Rin apologized for not being there for her and expressed her love for Sakura.

In the true ending, Rin obtained an homunculus body for Shirou to allow him to live a normal life.


Magic Knowledge

As a member of the distinguished Tohsaka magus family, Rin is well learned in the field of magic. She is also able to wield all 5 elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Ether.

Magic Transfer

Magic Crystals
Magic Crystals

As a member of the Tohsaka family, Rin specializes in the transfer of magic energy. She can imbue objects with magical energy, usually stored as a crystal.

Rin has 20 pieces of magic crystals for the duration of the story. 10 were consumed to summon Archer, and the rest were consumed as magical attacks. Each crystal discharges a magic attack that is equal to that of A-rank spells.

Magic Crest

Magic Crest
Magic Crest

A magic crest is a series of glyphs that is imprinted on the body of the magus that is handed down through the family, allowing the magus to cast magic without needing to chant the required verses.

Due to her family's specialization, Rin is able to replenish the magic energy of her magic crest.

Rin's preferred spell is Gandr, which will cause the victim to suffer a debilitating effect reminiscent to that of a disease. The victim will be bed-ridden for at least 2 days.

Martial Arts

Rin is proficient in Chinese kenpo which is required learning for members of the Tohsaka family. She employed it once against Caster on the Unlimited Blade Works route.


Command Spells

Rin's Command Spells
Rin's Command Spells

Rin's Command Spells are located on her right hand.

In the Prologue, Rin consumed the first spell to bind Archer to her will.

On the Fate route, she consumed another to save Archer from Saber's attack.

On the Unlimited Blade Works route, Rin consumed the second spell to prevent Archer from harming Shirou, and the last spell to order Saber to destroy the Holy Grail.

Healing Pendant

Rin's pendant
Rin's pendant

Rin consumed a healing pendant to revive Shirou during the Prologue.

Archer supposedly returned the pendant to Rin, but Shirou brought the pendant back after he regained consciousness. On the Unlimited Blade Works route, Rin revealed that the pendant is the only one of its kind and discovered the contradiction. Later, Archer revealed that the pendant that he gave to Rin was actually his own that he kept from his previous life.

Archer's healing pendant served as the catalyst for Rin to summon him.

Azoth Dagger

Azoth Dagger
Azoth Dagger

The Azoth blade is a magical implement that was handed down in the Tohsaka family. It was originally a sword, but Rin shortened it to a dagger as the length would be more manageable. The word "AZOTH" is imprinted on the pommel of the dagger.

The Azoth Dagger is used to amplify the magic attack of the user. Rin lent it to Shirou on the Fate route where he used it to defeat Kotomine, and on the Heaven's Feel route where Shirou used it to kill Saber Alter.

Gemmed Sword of Zelretch

Gemmed Sword of Zelretch
Gemmed Sword of Zelretch

The Gemmed Sword of Zelretch is a magical implement created by Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. It emulates Schweinorg's ability to use the Second Sorcery, the ability to gain access to parallel worlds.

Schweinorg lived 200 years ago and the sword was lost as time passed. On the Heaven's Feel route, Illyasviel helped Shirou project an imitation of the sword for Rin to use against Sakura.

Rin used it to draw environmental mana from parallel worlds as her source of magical energy to fuel her attacks against Sakura. Since there are an infinite number of parallel worlds, this method effectively gives her an infinite supply of magical energy.

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