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    Riot Shield

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    A protective shield usually made out of polycarbonate, it is primarily used by law enforcement officers around the world for crowd control.

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    • Riot shields are tactical lightweight shields designed to protect riot-officers from the dangers of crowd control such as thrown objects or fire.
    • These shields are generally of a large stature meant for a user to hide behind (most about 3 feet high), through most do
       Typical use of a riot shield
       Typical use of a riot shield
      not provide 100% frontal cover, usually leaving small amounts of the body exposed. 
    • High-tech materials allow there large shields to be of a relatively manageable mass, employing high-strength plastics and engineered composites to achieve this goal, through the stronger shields are not entirely see through rather having a small window that is built out of a somewhat weaker material.
    • Some larger and stronger shields must be held with 2 hands, through the user gains additional protection. 
    • Most shields are used off hand in combination with some non lethal restraining device such as tear gas or tasers.
    • Despite its representation in videogames, most riot shields cannot block bullets from large calibre firearms.

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