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    Ripley's Believe It or Not!: The Riddle of Master Lu

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released 1995

    Its 1936, and Robert Ripley, world adventurer, must stop a mystical talisman from falling in the wrong hands and dooming the world.

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    You may have heard about "Ripley's Believe It or Not!", worldwide museum attractions that contain oddities from around the world. This classic 2D, third person point and click adventure game follows the namesake of said franchise, Robert L. Ripley, in a story based on his own real-life adventures.


    The year is 1936, and Robert Ripley, world traveler and collector of exotic oddities (which he exhibits in his Odditorium in New York), returns from his latest adventure to his New York offices to find them ransacked and a cobra threatening one of his employees. Ripley finds out soon that the assailants are after an ancient key that will open the tomb of China's first emperor and give godly powers to whoever opens it. Ripley and his companion, Mei Chen, must travel the world, including Peiping and Peru, and stop this menace. The game contains a lot of optional historical information on China embedded in the game's locations as well by talking to characters.


    A traditional point and click adventure game, the games has high resolution pre-rendered backgrounds and uses filmed actors for the many characters, some based on historical figures. Gameplay is non-linear and allows the player to travel freely among the opened locations. The game is fully voices and features FMV. Note that the game includes a maze, which can be frustrating. You can die in this game, but resurrects you to the point before you died.

    One interesting gameplay mechanic in the game is that you must collect oddities for your Odditorium in the locations you visit to afford your travels to newly opened locations.

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