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    Ripto is the main antagonist in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage as well as Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. Ripto is a small demonic reptilian sorcerer.

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    Ripto is a small reptilian sorcerer who comes to the world of Avalon and, seeing how peaceful and non-confrontational the people were, took it over. He arrives with his companions Gulp and Crush. While tiny in size, he boasts considerable power, as well as serious dominion over others several times his size.
    Throughout the game, Ripto is seen on the sidelines while his minions do most of the work for him, finding orbs and talismans to power up him and his lair. Finally, in the land of Winter Tundra, Spyro encounters the reptilian madman, and in a three part battle, takes him down.
    In the first two sections, Spyro faces off against Ripto as he rides on mechanical versions of his companions Crush and Gulp. In the third section, the level fills with lava, and Spyro must resort to flight to chase Ripto, who is riding a mechanical pterodactyl. In each of the sections of the battle, Hunter drops down orbs that give powers to both Spyro and Ripto, and it becomes important to make sure Ripto doesn't obtain them, as they can have devastating effects on Spyro. He can also get a hold of the various animals that are dropped to heal the young dragon, and will thus heal him slightly.


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