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    Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 07, 2009

    This WWI flight sim uses a free-to-play business model, allowing players to purchase and fly a variety of painstakingly modelled era-appropriate aircraft, taking an incredibly realistic physics engine into account.

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    Rise of Flight is a Free to Play flight sim with both multiplayer and single player modes including a Career mode, quick missions, individual scenarios as well as online multiplayer with both cooperative and adversarial game modes run on dedicated servers.

    Rise of Flight can downloaded for free, which includes two aircraft and all games modes and features. Additional aircraft, maps, missions and items such as streamers, attachable weapons and customization items can be purchased from their store.

    Alternatively the game was released in September of 2013 on Steam as a one time purchase of 49.99 USD with additional aircraft packs available for purchase directly through steam instead of individual aircraft and items as it is on the Rise of Flight website.


    Rise of Flight was originally developed by the IT Company NeoQB and published in North America by 777 Studios, the current developer of Rise of Flight.

    NeoQB the original developer of Rise of Flight had initially intended the game to be an online only multiplayer flight sim that would have played battle it out in large scale air conflicts. However in 2010, Rise of Flight publisher 777 Studios, headed by long time flight simulation enthusiast, Jason Williams(not of NBA fame) acquired the developers at NeoQB and merged with 777 Studios to take over and continue development of Rise of Flight.

    After 777 Studios picked up full development of Rise of Flight, a variety of new features and changes were inevitably implemented to the game including the decision to go free to play permanently and the decision to finally put the game on Steam.


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