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    Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 09, 2006

    The latest in Big Huge Games' well-received Rise of Nations series, Rise of Legends introduces a new 3D engine, some gameplay innovations, and three unique factions: the steam-powered Vinci, the desert Alin, and the mysterious Mayan-like Cuotl. The game combines elements from both traditional RTS and turn-based strategy games.

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    Gameplay and setting redeem the poor story and sound. 0

    Rise of Legends has fantastic spirit. The races derive their unique look from very different sources of inspiration:The Vinci: Renaissance Italy; steam powers the often-bizarre sketches of Leonardo da Vinci The Alin: The classic tales of the Arabian Nights; genies, dragons, crystal, and sand The Cuotl: Mayan architecture powered by alien technology As a Rise of Nations game, most of the innovations that made the original such a hit are back. The interface is small, simple, but effective. Comman...

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    This game is more than meets the eye 0

    One of the most underrated strategy games made, it suffered from the exceeding amount of hype surrounding its release. While this game plays very similer to its spiritual predecessor Rise of Nations, there are some core differences in the game that make it stand appart, which will be out liined later.Rise of Legends is an RTS, or real-time-strategy, hosting the typical three factions, build a base, then attack your enemy. It also includes a single player campaign, and a access to multiplayer ove...

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    Worth Playing 0

     Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is an RTS game from the creative minds of Big Huge Games under the head designer Brian Reynolds. Interested from the moment I heard about the title, I viewed the E3 2006 Gamespot video on the game demonstration personally joined by Bryan. Then I remembered that Alpha Centauri, a 4X type game under Sid Meier moniker, was also largely his creative 'spin' on the genre. And the sterling resume of having developed many a game of the year candidate or proud wi...

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